2.1. Dynamic Alias

Web App The 88.io Web App is the primary interface into an owner's private cyberspace. Access Module Personal Notification Take control on your online interactions by deciding the projects you want to contribute your data to and controlling how the selected projects process your data. Distributed Lock Distributed Lock provides a revolutionary way of protecting assets - ALL assets - whether physical or virtual. From blockchain wallets, to web site login, to find last location of missing person etc. the possibilities are endless. Adaptive Identity Dynamic Alias enables you to use different identities for different transactions or in different situations. Hub Module The Hub Module is the centre of a Private Cyberspace it processes and stores the most basic information of a cyberspace. Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to be used to pick targets instead of just destroying targets. This is no longer about AI killing humans, this is about AI deciding who to kill. Tap into the built-in AI capabilities of your aliases for less violent endeavours!
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