Citizen Synergy

virtual private mesh Virtual Private Mesh provides a mesh of Virtual Private Network (VPN) under different ownerships with restricted and audited traffic. windows Microsoft Windows computers are fully supported in your Private Cyberspace. retrospective reward Whether it is reporting a pothole on the road, answering a question on a forum, donating blood, open sourcing a piece of software etc. ... they are all contributions that should be rewarded. disposable node Disposable Node hides the complexity of computing resources behind a simple abstraction, allowing resources to be shared quickly and safely between members of a community. android Android mobile phones are a great way to start your Private Cyberspace with. As they allow you do more than most iOS phone (e.g. collecting wifi and bluetooth signals around you). float mesh Float Mesh is a distributed infrastructure in the air, alleviating satellite problems like increasing congestion in near earth space and exclusive access to few. nearby mesh Nearby Mesh is a citizen built distributed infrastructure in the neighbourhoods, from large cities to remote towns. modular assist Modular Assist substantially improves the security and quality of technical support over traditional support services. macos Apple macOS computers are fully supported in your Private Cyberspace. traditional application Traditional Applications can run inside your Disposable Node (to take advantage of's capabilities like Fuzzy Blockchain, Dynamic Alias, Infinite Disk etc.) in 3 general ways: global mesh is about promoting Information Ownership. It is an Application Incubator for Citizen Computing. spacetime log Revolutionary way of building up your information assets by logging EVERYTHING about your life in the most private and productive manner. ios Apple iOS phones are fully supported in your Private Cyberspace. CROWD INFRASTRUCTURE fuzzy blockchain Fuzzy Blockchain uses blockchain technologies for production instead of speculation, replacing wasteful mining with productive processing. It is made up of citizen owned computing devices (like mobile phones and home computers) and is the ONLY truly distributed public blockchain in the world. infinite disk Infinite Disk solves traditional problems of storing data at home (e.g. network is unreliable, hardware is limited, finance is tight, site is insecure, support is scarce) by empowers large numbers of citizens to work TOGETHER to provide each other with private storages that have substantially lower cost, better privacy, more reliability, higher capacity and faster performance than current cloud storage. fiduciary exchange Fiduciary Exchange combines breakthrough technologies like Dynamic Alias, Homomorphic Encryption, Fuzzy Blockchain, Sovereign Transaction, Retrospective Payment to create an online exchange of products, services and assets where anonymity and trust are available at the same time. green hardware Reusable - software defined so can change purpose and characteristics easily. partition ai Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to be used to pick targets instead of just destroying targets. This is no longer about AI killing humans, this is about AI deciding who to kill. linux Linux phones and computers are fully supported in your Private Cyberspace. geo position is a citizens built terrestrial indoor capable geo-positioning system WITHOUT needing foreign satellites and rockets. It is enriched with citizen contributed information layers on top to create sovereign adaptive maps for the benefit of their own country. ENRICH YOUR COMMUNITY Currently most of the world's information are being processed centrally by a handful of companies, whose interest do NOT align with their users. You can help decentralise computing by doing to them what personal computers did to mainframes about 50 years ago. CITIZEN APPLICATION ubiquitous site Breaking up your existing Cloud services that are ran by a handful of companies into thousands of sites all around the world can add a whole new dimension into your digital life. information entity Entity Name is 16 to 32 characters in length made up of random character from the character set 0-9 and a-z. USER DEVICE
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