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android A number of native Android applications complements the Person Console Web App. macos virtual private mesh Virtual Private Mesh enables latent resources in the neighbourhood to be utilised in a private and safe manner. petty reward Whether it is reporting a pothole on the road, answering a question on a forum, donating blood, open sourcing a piece of software etc. ... they are all contributions that should be rewarded. compute station Compute Stations owned by different people are designed to operate together as a team to provide large scale backend computing to the Personal Consoles frontend interface running on their mobile phones. windows You need to use the latest Microsoft support version to remain secure on the Windows platform. SOVEREIGN TRANSACTION Sovereign Transaction delivers Homomorphic Encryption at scale, enabling massive amount of sensitive data (e.g. daily movements of whole population) to be processed securely. ios Although iOS phones are designed mainly to work exclusively with Apple iCloud, we have developed technologies to bring its features close to that of Android phones. infinite disk Infinite Disk removes the COST barrier to RELIABLE data storage by leveraging community idle capacities (e.g. unused disks, bored retirees), reusing broken devices (e.g. laptops with faulty screens and keyboards) and taking over data income from the Cloud. linux Linux is difficult to use, but currently provides the most secure consoles. MODULAR ASSIST Modular Assist substantially improves the security and quality of technical support over traditional support services. Apple and Google could have ended the whole pandemic within weeks using the data on people's phones, months before vaccine availability. If the Cloud can control how you think, it certainly knows whether you have been exposed. fuzzy blockchain Fuzzy Blockchain uses blockchain technologies for production instead of speculation, replacing wasteful mining with productive processing. It is made up of citizen owned computing devices (like mobile phones and home computers) and is the ONLY truly distributed public blockchain in the world. DISPOSABLE NODE Disposable Node lets you AGGREGATE latent resources worldwide (unused disk spaces, stray wifi signals, idle night bandwidth, bored retiree labour etc.). Mix and match resources as nodes EASILY (like assembling toy bricks) without technical knowledge and deploy them rapidly with just ONE COMMAND. platformio Currently PlatformIO is the supported development environment for Personal Console Controllers. geo attest Through ordinary citizens can enhance the geo-positioning infrastructure of their country substantially in two ways: OZtralia ( is a Private Cyberspace Infrastructure Builder in Australia, we supply components for you to build out your own Private Cyberspace as well as provide assembly services to those who do not want to get their hands dirty. Deep Learning based Artificial Intelligence requires massive amount of data and compute power, fitting perfectly into the existing Cloud Computing model, substantially worsening the already massive Digital Inequality caused by Cloud Platforms. Contact Trace Australia ( is a Private Cyberspace Application Integrator in Australia, we develop software for you to run on your own Private Cyberspace as well as provide integration services to those who have their own software. PERSONAL CONSOLE Personal Console gives you exclusive CONTROL of your information space (e.g. create aliases for different situations, define your own transactions, train your personal AI, expand your income mix etc.). Start creating value and building asset using your phone within just ONE SECOND.
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