Disposable Node

net2max.us Whether it is reporting a pothole on the road, answering a question on a forum, donating blood, open sourcing a piece of software etc. ... they are all contributions that should be rewarded. virtual private mesh Virtual Private Mesh provides a mesh of Virtual Private Network (VPN) under different ownerships with restricted and audited traffic. SUPPORT LAYER Modular Assist substantially improves the security and quality of technical support over traditional support services. sovereign transaction Sovereign Transaction delivers Homomorphic Encryption at scale, enabling massive amount of sensitive data (e.g. daily movements of whole population) to be processed securely. 88.io 88.io is a global Citizen Ecosystem incubator, we help others deploy their own citizen ecosystems as well as provide any missing components they need to get started quickly. We are also happy to host any Citizen Applications and Crowd Infrastructures that are still in development or have not found a Citizen Ecosystem they like yet. compute station Compute Stations owned by different people are designed to operate together as a team to provide large scale backend computing to the Personal Consoles frontend interface running on their mobile phones. HARDWARE LAYER Infrastructure Exchange remove the COST barrier to private cyberspace ownership by aggregating surplus resources from others and taking over data income from the Cloud. Everyone now have abundant compute power to operate RELIABLY at any scale, no matter their wealth. oztralia.com OZtralia (oztralia.com) is a Private Cyberspace Infrastructure Builder in Australia, we supply components for you to build out your own Private Cyberspace as well as provide assembly services to those who do not want to get their hands dirty. fuzzy blockchain Fuzzy Blockchain uses blockchain technologies for production instead of speculation, replacing wasteful mining with productive processing. It is made up of citizen owned computing devices (like mobile phones and home computers) and is the ONLY truly distributed public blockchain in the world. SOFTWARE LAYER Citizen Synergy enables resources to be EXCHANGED efficiently and equitably in a TRUSTED manner with protected privacy, rewarded contribution and assured quality. Everyone can collaborate and be compensated for solving intractable problems (e.g. covid19, online fraud) that challenge all governments. net2max.cn Console Applications are progressive web apps that runs on your mobile phone, under the control of your Person Console. They are like helpers providing either deeper customisation or extra functionality to your Personal Console. net2max.au Every benefit of the Private Cyberspace must be underpinned by solid security. There is no point collecting assets if they are stolen or making impacts if they are misdirected. contacttrace.com.au Contact Trace Australia (contacttrace.com.au) is a Private Cyberspace Application Integrator in Australia, we develop software for you to run on your own Private Cyberspace as well as provide integration services to those who have their own software.
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