Utilising wasted computing power (e.g. laptops with smashed screens) and under developed talent (e.g. retirees) to form a trusted and reliable community computing grid to solve hard problems like COVID. No money nor expertise required, compute nodes can be set up on home computers in minutes.

Citizens can instantly add the computing power and private data on their phones into the government's epidemic fighting arsenal. The same ecosystem can be used to support many other community projects.

1. Why Citizen Synergy computing ?

Although have your own cyberspace provides great insights for yourself into your own life, it can be of great benefit to the community as well.

From your group of friends to your country, having almost an unlimited amount of computing and data resources "on tap" will improve almost every aspect of that community.

The challenge in the past has been the difficulty involved in building up computing infrastructure yourself, thus the rapid rise of the Cloud and as computing infrastructure is moved away from you, so are your information assets. Whether it is shopping or voting, your data are now being used to work ON you instead of work FOR you.

Citizen Computing provides a gradual and low cost way of building up your own computing infrastructure e.g. just having your mobile phone is enough to get started.

Some Citizen Applications (e.g. contacttrace.com.au) are starting to appear, which you can use to build up your information assets immediately. First by storing the acquired data asset on your mobile phone (e.g. personal map) and then later on add low cost computers (e.g. home stations) at homes (or wherever) to provide more stable computing power to grow your information assets beyond the capabilities of your phone.