Armbian Mesh Station


Mesh Stations takes advantage of the millions of existing compute devices in the community and repurpose them to provide basic communication and storage infrastructure to Private Cyberspaces.

Mesh Stations give your Private Cyberspace communication bandwidth and storage capacity at revolutionary price points by combining free yet featureful software (e.g. OpenWrt) with low cost yet powerful hardware (e.g. Raspberry Pi).

We have tested and actively support a number of operating systems (currently Armbian, Raspberry Pi OS and OpenWrt) and we welcome the community to introduce others.


If you device is supported by multiple operating systems and you have no particular preference, then the recommended order to try them out is currently Armbian then Raspberry Pi OS then OpenWrt.


Orange Pi 3 LTS

Due to the shortage of Raspberry Pi 4B, we are developing a few alternative ARM based compute stations. One of them is the Orange Pi 3 LTS which offers similar functions at similar price points:

Manufacturer Web Page:


User Manual from the manufacturer:

Ubuntu Operating System from the manufacturer:

Please contact your cyberspace integrator if you like to try out a process station based on the Orange Pi 3 LTS.

In theory, thousands of other ARM 64-bit single board computers models (with at least 2G RAM running the latest Debian or Ubuntu operating systems) can also act as Raspberry Pi 4B alternatives.

For example:

  1. Armbian supported computers
  2. DietPi supported computers