Australia Identity Levels

Currently the Australia ecosystem has 3 National Identity Levels that can be acquired by Aliases based on the number of valid identity verifications performed on consecutive days:

au1 - Level 1 - one valid identity verification
au2 - Level 2 - two valid identity verification
au3 - Level 3 - three valid identity verification

Only one identification document can be verified each day. To be counted towards an identity level, all the verifications within a level must be made on consecutive days e.g. to get Identity Level au3 three separate verifications of three different identity documents must be performed one each day over three consecutive days.

Australian Government ID service is used for all checks:

au1a_60px   au2_60px   au3_60px

The more verification of identification documents performed on consecutive days within the past 400 days.

To protect the verification process:

  • NO manual process involved.
  • Attempts made to detect valid BUT stolen or lost identity card.

Available Identity Documents

Currently the following 3 identification verifications can be used to increase the identity level:

  1. Australian Medicare Card with Birthday
  2. Australian Driver License
  3. Australian Passport

Australian Medicare Card


6 Field Values:

  1. Card Types (Blue, Green, Yellow)
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Card Number
  4. Individual Reference Number
  5. Name
  6. Expiry Date

For Blue Medicare cards, the Expiry Date requires a full date which includes the date as well as the month and the year.

Australian Driver Licence


7 Field Values:

  1. Given Name
  2. Middle Name
  3. Family Name
  4. Licence Number
  5. Card Number
  6. Registration State
  7. Birth Date

The Card Number is required for NSW, QLD, ACT, SA, WA, TAS and NT.

Australian Passport


6 Field Values:

  1. Expiry Date
  2. Travel Document Number
  3. Family Name
  4. Given Names
  5. Gender (M, F, X)
  6. Date of Birth

Expired passports cannot be used for verification.

Hash Stored

Raw Field Values are never stored BUT the hash of the selected Field Values may optionally be store on Fuzzy Blockchain for later comparison.

3 Hash Patterns are supported:

  1. Full Value
  2. First few characters (up to half)
  3. Last few characters (up to half)

All uppercases are converted to lowercases and all non-alphanumeric characters (e.g. dash and space) are removed before the hash.

More Hash Patterns (e.g. interleaved like every second character only) may be introduced in the future.

Since hashes can only be full or partial for the whole document, if both full and partial hashes are required in an Alias, then it is possible to verify the same document again to set up extra hashes.

Check Hash

Alias discloses certain values to other parties so they can check them against values on an agreed Fuzzy Blockchain that contains results from successful identity verifications.

For example:

  1. Document Type
  2. Time Block
  3. Alias
  4. Field One
  5. Field Two

Normally Field One is a Name field while Field Two is a field of interest e.g. birthday. Checking of more than 2 Fields is possible. It is up to the Alias how many fields to disclose and whether those fields are disclosed fully or partially. Since data on a blockchain cannot be changed, they must disclose the exact same Field Value whether full or partial.