Australian Area Labels

1. Introduction

1.1. Local Government Area

In Australia Local Government Area (LGA) are the same as "Administrative Level 6" in openstreetmap.

Details for on the common Administrative Levels used worldwide are available here:

Area Label is a shortened version of the full LGA name that can be used in space constrained user interfaces e.g. web pages. It must be all lowercase and be 10 characters or less.

1.2. Fully Qualified

Area Labels can only be used by themselves when there is no ambiguity, otherwise the state labels "Administrative Level 4" and country labels "Administrative Level 2" must be added to form a Fully Qualified Area Label.


  • Area - Council of the City of Sydney
  • Area Label - sydney
  • Qualified Area Label - sydneynswaus

State Labels:
act, nsw, nt, qld, sa, tas, vic, wa

Country Label:

2. New South Wales

Area Label Local Government Area
bayside Bayside Council
mosman Mosman Council
northbeach Northern Beaches Council
randwick Randwick City Council
sydney Council of the City of Sydney
waverley Waverley Council