Backblaze Compared

Data Redundancy

Backblaze stores each file as 20 shards data lost only if 4 or more shards fail. The problem is those 20 shards are all stored on ONE data centre.

So if something happens to that data centre, then your data could be destroyed or be made unavailable for a period of time.

An Infinite Disk site is a computing location that has independent power, cooling, networking, security and ownership.

Infinite Disk stores a copy on Campus for fast access without internet connection PLUS a copy on the Internet with "parity" protection across at least SEVEN sites.

If the Campus copy is not accessible then the Internet copy can be used. The Internet copy is distributed across multiple sites (from 7 to 35 sites) to increase data redundancy

  1. Standard Internet Storage - SEVEN sites (3 parities - 75% redundant data)
    Data Lost if FOUR sites gone.

  2. Large Internet Storage - THIRTY-FIVE sites (3 parities - about 9% redundant data)
    Data Lost if FOUR sites gone.