Blockchain Storage Compared

Blockchain based storages that claiming to be "decentralised" storage are mostly NOT decentralised and come with new numerous blockchain related problems.

  1. Primary Single Point of Failure - themselves.
    If they are gone or hacked or faulty etc. your data is major in trouble.
    With Infinite Disk you have full control, the Storage Nodes you use can die a million times and you will NOT be affected.

  2. Secondary Single Point of Failure - their Cloud.
    A lot of them use others to store their data or their metadata so your data is in trouble if any of them has problem.
    With Infinite Disk you have direct access to the Storage Nodes, no extra layers of complexities there!

  3. Unsubstantiated Distribution - where?
    How many claim they cut your data up into many pieces and store them separately, yet these separate pieces are all within the SAME data centre.
    With Infinite Disk you know where the Storage Nodes are, from your parent's basement to some stranger within 10km radius.

  4. Useless Encryption - they encrypt for you.
    So not only can they decrypt your data at anytime without telling you, if they disappear or lost the key then you data is basically screwed.

  5. Complex Interface - s3 is not a disk
    Storing files in s3 only benefits the Amazon and its copy cats. It makes operating a remote storage at scale much easier, but also makes using that storage much harder.