Body Camera

Body Camera

While body cameras are a bit over the top for everyday collection of data into your Private Cyberspace, they can improve the care of people with disability substantially when combined with advanced Private Cyberspace features.

For example, traditionally it is very expensive to provide care those people disability that requires 24/7 monitoring (e.g. those with severe autism). With their own Privacy Cyberspace, people's privacy can be preserved and the costs keep low, no matter high intensive the monitoring is.

1. Mobile Phone

Low end mobile phones make the best sensors in a lot of cases.


Even "supermarket" mobile phones at AU$47 (as of 2023-04-23) has a lot of features like touch display, rechargeable battery, camera, microphone, satellite positioning etc.

2. Console Controller

Personal Console Controllers provide light-weight small-size sensors that can be attached to baby to enable remote monitoring by human or artificial intelligence.


Note on 2023-04-23, the above Console Controller (at about AU$55 including a case and battery) is MORE expensive than the above "supermarket" mobile phone, making it a niche solution.

3. Chest Harness


4. Arm Band


5. Alternatives

Alternative Software

Many Personal Console Controllers have cameras built-in. They can be used as

Hacking Cheap Camera

A9 is an ultra cheap camera being hacked to work with linux.