Campus Vault

The Remote Vault application capsule enables you to manage your passwords securely within your Private Cyberspace and share some of them with other Private Cyberspaces securely, if desired.


You can access Remote Vault in your Private Cyberspace under the Campus Applications.


The colour of a Campus Application buttons within the Private Cyberspace indicates the level of encryption used for different applications.


Having a Green button means the Remote Vault application is End-to-End Encrypted, the data is encrypted before being sent to the server. So only the end-user devices have access to the data, the server does NOT.

Blue button applications are Server Encrypted during transit (between end-user device to server) and when stored (on the server's permanent storage), but the server have access to the data


You can put any Password Management application into your Remote Vault capsule, currently the following End-to-End Encrypted software are supported by most incubators:

2.1. Origin

Vaultwarden is based on the Bitwarden

VaultWarden only supports a subset of Bitwarden's features, which is enough in most cases.

2.2. Download

Vaultwarden is compatible with Bitwarden Clients:

Operating Systems
Android -
iOS - ‎Bitwarden Password Manager on the App Store
Windows -
macOS - ‎Bitwarden on the Mac App Store
Linux -

Web Browsers
Chrome - Bitwarden - Free Password Manager - Chrome Web Store
Safari - ‎Bitwarden on the Mac App Store

More downloads are available at Bitwarden Download.

2.3. Remote Server

Remote Vault runs a backend server in the Campus Zone to take advantage of the campus' high security and reliability.


Remote Vault has a frontend and a backend.