Citizen Application

1. Trusted Cyberspace

Citizen Application revolutionises online TRUST by solving the Visibility vs Privacy conundrum so Private Cyberspaces can interact and collaborate safely. It delivers Homomorphic Encryption at scale enabling citizens to solve intractable problems (e.g. COVID) that have challenged all governments.

Without the restrictions imposed by centralised authorities like Cloud Platforms, Private Cyberspaces have unlimited latitude in how they can act. Citizen Applications enables cyberspaces to interact and collaborate in a trusted manner.

1.1. Citizen Application Design

If all you have is a hammer,
everything looks like a nail.

Abraham Maslow

A lot of large scale problems facing humankind cannot be solved with Cloud Application which concentrates power, lacks capacity and limits innovation.


Citizen Application turns the existing Cloud Application control flow UPSIDE DOWN, giving the control of both infrastructure and application to the user, enabling everyone (from billionaires to refugees) to build asset, gain insight, boost innovation and make impact.

1.2. Citizen Application Implementation

All existing contact tracing solutions are based on centralised cloud computing, which lacks the privacy, visibility and speed needed to control COVID.

Virtual Vaccine is a Citizen Application that takes advantage of millions of mobile phones (not just as passive data collectors but also as active data processors) to hunt the virus down precisely and stop its spread rapidly.


Unlike Cloud Platform there is no locking in of applications and devices to platform rules that prioritises platform before users, Citizen Applications run inside fiduciary exchanges preventing data leakage with homomorphically encryption while promoting innovation by enabling direct connection between clients, servers and applications across platforms.

1.3. Demo Personal Console

The demo Personal Console has many Citizen Applications preloaded inside the following exchanges:

Application Categories Fiduciary Exchanges
Citizen Identity Dynamic Alias, Anonymous Interaction
Citizen Insight Citizen Timeline, Community Map
Citizen Resource Campus Compute, Home Compute
![private_space 451x679](upload://tK9KKvk5JgN7x7UOlfDXtaUc7YF.png)