Citizen Compute Module


Citizen Compute removes the traditional SKILL and COST barriers to compute ownership by breaking up the the powers of Cloud Platforms into small Compute Modules and distribute their ownerships amongst the citizens.

1. Separation of Powers

Power tends to corrupt and
absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Lord Acton

Citizen Compute breaks up the currently centralised internet dominated by Cloud Platforms and restores the Internet back to its originally decentralised design - where participants are OWNERS with personal information assets instead of USERS of the global information assets of Cloud Platforms.

Citizen Compute is about dividing computing into progressive smaller parts and distributing those parts across to as many different legal entities as possible.

Finely separated and widely distributed computing at all levels promotes privacy, security, performance, and reliability.

Compute Module

Citizen Compute Module (also known as Compute Module) are the building blocks for the next generation collaborative information ecosystem.


Since Citizen Compute is a new computing paradigm, we have to reengineer the whole computing stack, rearranging existing technologies and inventing missing ones.

Besides the patents which can get quite technical, a quick way of telling now novel Citizen Compute technologies are is the ease we managed to secure relevant and descriptive domain names under .com for every single major technology we have invented.