Cloud Bottlenecks

Sovereignty Advantages

Private Cyberspace: Follow Local Laws
Cloud Platform: Follow Overseas Laws

We use Australia as an example here to demonstrate some positive impacts that Private Cyberspace can make to a country, however ALL countries will benefit from a population empowered with ubiquitous personal compute capability.

Currently, it is very difficult for Australian laws to regulate activities inside overseas data centres that operate under laws of foreign governments.

  • How many Australians use Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp ?
  • How many data centres has Meta (their common platform) got in Australia ?

source: meta data centers

  • How many Australians use Youtube, Google Search or Google Maps ?
  • How many data centres has Google (their common platform) got in Australia ?

source: google data centers

Private Cyberspace uses existing devices in people's HOMES and OFFICES, neither compute nor data leave the country.

The above is just about the data centres, many other structures of a Cloud Platform (from shareholders to directors) are mostly under Overseas Laws.