Cloud Evolution

Work WITH your data sources instead of CONTROL them! Tap into their unlimited resources and capabilities with crowd-owned computing instead of just crowd-sourcing data from them.

Private Cyberspaces are NOT going to destroy Cloud Platforms overnight. They are just the next stage of mass computing for humans.

  • Imagine the ability to analyse and add value to the most personal data (without violating privacy).
  • Imagine the ability to use excess compute and energy around the world (without building data centres).

There is still a window of opportunity for existing Cloud Platforms to evolve into directory coordinators, application providers, infrastructure suppliers before explosion of focused offerings within each realm from new start-ups.

Moving Forward

Cloud Platforms can evolve into directory coordinators, application providers, infrastructure suppliers easily.

Existing Cloud Platforms can STILL make use of their substantial investments in all 3 realms of Citizen Ecosystem (directory, application and infrastructure) . . . the difference with Citizen Ecosystem is making their investments available INDEPENDENTLY - so the Information Owners has the ability to mix and match freely to build the best digital environment for THEMSELVES.


There is NOTHING stopping citizens from picking Apple or Google or whatever components exclusively in ALL 3 realms of their information environments, but with Private Cyberspaces - if they wanted to, they now CAN swap some or all of those components out easily.

With their tight integration across all 3 realms and massive software and hardware capacities, Cloud Platforms can transform into very strong components suppliers within Citizen Ecosystems. They just need to innovate and operate based on increasing the compute power of Information Owners instead of using their compute power to increasingly control the behaviour of Information Users.