Cloud Fallacy

Resources Advantage

Private Cyberspaces can reduce their costs substantially by leveraging latent resources from each other.


Redundancy Advantage

No matter much redundancy a Cloud Platform claimed it has, there is STILL at least one Single Point of Failure - itself. Whether it is faulty equipment, software vulnerability, changed usage terms, billing error, dishonest employee, changed usage terms or persistent hacker ... there is no redundancy for the company itself.


Data centres used by Cloud Platforms are large in size, power hungry, highly visible, making them easy targets:

  • for surveillance in times of peace
  • for destruction in times of war

Private Cyberspaces are distributed in millions of homes and offices making focused attack much more difficult.

Reward Advantage

Earn reward directly based on the value you have delivered to individuals who have benefited from your contributions - independent of Cloud Platforms.

  1. Fine Grained - get rewarded for even the smallest contributions.
  2. Retrospective - get rewarded continuously as long as your contributions deliver value to others.

Private Cyberspace removes the REWARD barrier by assuring quality and tracking every contribution made (no matter how small) with the world's first citizen controlled blockchain technology that is not driven by greed and ignorance.

Wastage Advantage

Data wastage is a main problem with Cloud Platforms, user data are deleted due to privacy concerns, lack of storage capacity or government laws.

  • Cloud Platforms' usage and storage of user data are normally restricted by slow reacting laws.
  • Private Cyberspaces can store detailed data for indefinitely and use it for whatever purpose.

Precious data are being lost EVERYDAY due to lack of reliable internal storage or government privacy laws preventing their storage externally.

Private Cyberspace's Infinite Disk service solves the data storage cost concerns which traditionally has been extremely expensive if it is fast, secure reliable, durable, available, easy to use and without a single point of failure.

Asset Advantage

  • user data are building up cloud platform assets instead of users' own assets

The step in building up your information asset is to STORE your data yourself.

You can then keep a copy of all the data you supply to the Cloud in your Private Cyberspace as well as store private data for your own exclusive use there.

The more data you store in your Private Cyberspace, the more insight you will gain and the more impact you can make, the more valuable your data assets become.

Hardware Advantage

Software Advantage

Rules Advantage

Reliability Advantage

Cloud Platforms can be a single point of failure affecting A LOT of people.