Compute Asset

Why Citizen Compute ?

1. Cloud Compute Bottleneck

Processing the whole world’s data using the compute owned by just a few Cloud Platforms has created a global Compute Bottleneck that stifles ALL aspects of digital life (from innovation to production).

2. Your Security not Cloud Security

Take the control of your digital life back from the Cloud by securing it YOURSELF.

Currently you cannot do anything online, without the Cloud's permission.

Stop putting your data on other's computers, break out of the Cloud shackles now with just one click.

3. Your Asset not Cloud Asset

Turn your data into your assets, instead of Cloud assets, add value to it YOURSELF.

How much is a Youtuber worth if there is no more Youtube ?

Build digital assets that you can trade and establish digital legacies that you can pass on with just one click.

4. Compute Ownership