Compute Bottleneck

Trust Advantage

distributed attestation
central attestation

Private Cyberspace revolutionises online TRUST by solving the Visibility vs Privacy conundrum so Private Cyberspaces can interact and collaborate safely. It delivers Homomorphic Encryption at scale enabling citizens to solve intractable problems (e.g. COVID) that have challenged all governments.

Instead trusting something (a person, a piece of information etc.) based on its visibility provided by Cloud Platforms, Private Cyberspace enables the matching of the visibility requirements of the send and receiver.

  • Cloud Platform provides a SUPERVISED resource exchange for Platform Users under its rules.
  • Private Cyberspace provides a TRUSTED resource exchange for Cyberspace Owners directly.

Private Cyberspace removes the TRUST barrier by giving unprecedented visibility into every online transaction (across internet and phone) yet protecting the privacy of all participants with the world's first deployment of homomorphic encryption at scale.

By running the Console, you have created the first Dynamic Alias in your private cyberspace. It is a Guest Alias used to collect data onto your phone only and does NOT communicate with the outside world, you can add Associate and Member Aliases into your Console when you are ready to start sharing some of your data.