Compute Impact

Meaningful Impact

Collaborative Compute breaks the Cloud Platform innovation bottleneck by distributing compute (from AI to blockchain) previously locked up in DOZENS of companies to BILLIONS of citizens, so they can work together to solve the hardest problems facing humankind.

Citizen Compute makes meaningful impact to the human ecology and scales equitably globally.

Citizen Synergy drives innovations across the whole human ecology to make significant improvements to the well-being of all humans:


Each ecology layer includes related project with a single focus and relies on the proper functioning of the layers underneath. You can create new projects or your contributions to existing projects, in ANY of the layers will help move humankind forward.

Aggregating Compute Everywhere

Ubiquitous Compute delivers to across all sectors of the society by aggregating the compute power of millions of Private Cyberspaces.


1. Everything and Everywhere

The use of independently owned Private Cyberspace is the ONLY way of delivering ubiquitous compute safely.

The benefits of transferring of digital asset and data control from Cloud Platforms to your Private Cyberspace can be multiplied many times by working together with other Private Cyberspaces to solve common large-scale problems.

Compute Equity

Ubiquitous Compute is about providing Compute Equity to everyone. Note this is not Compute Liberation


source: original from madewithangus (if you know who created the above version please post below).

Ubiquitous Compute is about solving a much wider sets of problems to humankind than the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, however it is interesting to see how each goal maps into Ubiquitous Compute's 3 focus areas:

The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals listed above can be assigned roughly into the following 3 focus areas:

Personal Compute

    1. No Poverty
    1. Zero hunger
    1. Good Health and Well-Being
    1. Gender Equality
    1. Reduce Inequalities

Industry Compute

    1. Quality Education
    1. Decent Work and Economic Growth
    1. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
    1. Partnerships for the Goals

Government Compute

    1. Clean Water and Sanitation
    1. Affordable and Clean Energy
    1. Sustainable Cities and Communities
    1. Responsible Consumption and Production
    1. Climate Action
    1. Life Below Water
    1. Life on Land
    1. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

"No Poverty" is a major United Nations Goal and is also one of Compute Equity's major focus.

source: The Invisibility Of Poverty

The poor has been "stepped on" all over the world, Compute Equity will be enable them to get up from the steps - to live and contribute like other more advantaged folks.