Compute Station Linux Kernel

Supported Linux Kernels

As of 2022-01-30 the supported Linux kernels for Compute Stations are a combination of Linux Kernel long term release versions and Ubuntu long term support versions:

LTS Version Linux Ubuntu Our Support
4.9 Y Maintenance Only
5.4 Y Y Stable Production
5.10 Y Stable Production
5.15 Y Y In Development

The above are the "common kernel' versions supported globally, your local modular assist might support extra versions.

Ubuntu Versions

Ubuntu LTS Enablement provides extra kernels which are normally well supported by local modular assist in additional to the common kernel versions.

Ubuntu Name Kernels Supported Until
22.04 Jammy Jellyfish 5.15 2032-04-21
20.04 Focal Fossa 5.4, 5.8, 5.11, 5.13, 5.15 2030-04-23
18.04 Bionic Beaver 4.15, 5.4 2028-04-26