Compute Station

Compute Stations are well define computing devices for hosting Disposable Nodes.

There are currently 4 types of compute stations:

  1. Home Station
  2. Satellite Station
  3. Campus Station
  4. Public Station

They allow you to distribute your information assets in locations that make the most sense.

1. Deployment

Although the 64-bit x86 computers are generally more powerful, an increasing number of ARM computers are also supported, as lower power and lower cost alternatives in a lot of use cases.

There are many ways to deploy Compute Stations, all you need is a physical or virtual machine that can run Ubuntu Server (20.04 or 22.04) - which means most computers on earth!

  1. Repurpose spare laptops or second hand desktop computers - Boot up using USB stick.
  2. Run inside existing Windows or macOS or Linux computers - Using Virtual Machines.
  3. Install on non Intel/AMD computers (from [Raspberry Pi to IBM Z Mainframe) - Using ISO Images.

Once you have got a newly installed Ubuntu Server online, you just need to download ONE publicly published script, run it and your Ubuntu will be come a Home Station. Yes, it is that simple.

2. Turnkey Systems

You can either build it yourself or have someone build it for you.