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1. Beginners

  1. Introduction
    Click HERE for an overview of Private Cyberspace.

  2. User Guide
    Click HERE for instructions on how to use your Private Cyberspace.

  3. iOS phones
    Click HERE for instructions on setting up Safari and related iOS apps.

  4. Android phones
    Click HERE for instructions on setting up Chrome and related Android apps.

2. Need Help ?

Questions, concerns, problems, suggestions?
CLICK HERE to access the discussion forum.

If there are security and safety concerns at anytime please contact us directly:
Call or SMS +614 888 437 33

3. Release Limitations

Private Cyberspace is continuously being developed, for release timeline and limitations of each release please CLICK HERE to access the Release Timeframes.

4. Supported Countries

Countries should have their own local Application Service Providers creating Private Cyberspaces tailored to their own needs, is happy to support overseas countries using our Australia based service to bootstrap local efforts in their countries.

5. Other Information

  1. Why Virtual Vaccine? Click HERE

  2. Licenses Click HERE

  3. Privacy Policy Click HERE

  4. Instruction Videos Click HERE

  5. About Contact Trace Australia Click HERE

  6. Software Repository Click HERE