1. National Incubators

Due to the separation of power principle, the global Private Cyberspace incubator is NOT supposed to operate in any country. can help start other global or national incubators and it may act as a back up in rare cases, but it was never designed to be the primary incubator for everyday use.

Currently, 3 trial national incubators are being developed in 3 countries:

  1. - Australia
  2. - China
  3. - United States of America

Trial national incubators are also being planned in 3 other countries:

  1. Canada
  2. New Zealand
  3. United Kingdom

These are all trials incubators for fine tuning of the incubator deployment process, it is expected that local citizens will deployment THEIR OWN incubators in their countries themselves for production use by the public.

Some government departments and large enterprises are also expected to deploy their own incubators for sovereignty and security reasons.

Please contact us at if you will like to participate in the incubator program in your country.

Due to the separation of power principle, legal entities that are PUBLIC incubators (where private cyberspaces do NOT belong to the same organisation) cannot also be an application provider or an infrastructure supplier.

Country Deployment

Incubators make it easy for everyone (independent of their skills and wealth) to create and operate their own Private Cyberspaces by solving common Usability and Affordability issues that traditionally come with starting a new endeavour.

As a cyberspace owner the Application Provider that helps you create your first Private Cyberspace is your incubator. Explore the possibilities of your Private Cyberspace with it and after you have gained some experience you can look at other incubator types mention on this page.

Incubation is a critical part of innovation within Entity Computing (which rejects the idea that a few directors and engineers of the Cloud can know what is best for the rest of the world). Incubators' roles are just in getting people started and then let them grow their Private Cyberspaces in their OWN ways.


There are incubators supporting all start up types, from Cyberspace Owners (e.g. you) to Application Providers (e.g. to Infrastructure Suppliers (e.g. to Ecosystem Coordinators (e.g.

1. Cyberspace Owner

Cyberspace Owners are supported by Application Providers who sole purpose is to make it EASY for the owners to maximise the benefits provided of their private cyberspaces.

1.1. Usability

Fit for Purpose For your initial Private Cyberspace you can choose an Application Provider that preload applications that matches closest to your lifestyle e.g. university student, active retiree etc. If you do not have a preference, you can just go to and you will be redirected to a general purpose Application Provider closest to you.

Simple Adjustments After your Private Cyberspace is created, you can adjust it according to your needs (to make it easier to use, to add more features etc.) including changing everything that the Application Provider has preloaded for you or changing the Application Provider itself - at anytime, at no cost - while keeping all the information asset you have already gathered untouched.

This flexibility is a direct result of storing your data in your Private Cyberspace where you have full control instead of storing your data in the Cloud where it has control.

AI Assist Most Application Providers will have some AI assist user-interface. For example, speech recognition:

1.2. Affordability

Different Application Providers can decide on the best way of offering their applications and their level of support service but the idea is to level the playing field for those with financial resources, so the default is the Anonymous Voluntary Donation mode within the Retrospective Reward scheme.

In order to grow the ecosystem, most Application Providers charges for commercial use only, that is they do NOT charge at fees if you use them for commercial purposes, but you are asked to contributes about 1% of your revenue if you operate your

3. Application Providers

Contact Trace Australia ( is an example of an Application Provider that provides general purpose Private Cyberspaces to people who live in New South Wales Australia with a focus on collecting and generating value from owner's movement data.

Contact Trace Australia in about building up location based information assets in your Private Cyberspace, so its Web Console (available at is built around an online map.


Web Console displayed after First Installed
1. Alias Type 2. Zoom Level
3. Background Map 4. Camera Scanner
5. Current Location 6. Location Pins
7. Dynamic Alias 8. Number of Alerts
9. Map Copyright 10. Map Scale
11. Application Menu 12. Notification List

Organisations that provides applications to Private Cyberspaces are called Application Providers.

oordinates activities in the Citizen Ecosystems are called Ecosystem Coordinators.

of a country. for is not designed to replaced is a global
Unlike a platform an A Citizen Ecosystem

enable local communities WITHOUT much resources to put together their own community based services rapidly and cheaply by leveraging global citizen applications.

Incubators provides citizen ecosystem templates enabling citizens worldwide to set up local private cyberspaces rapidly. They can also provide any missing components filling in gaps temporarily until local resources are available. is an incubator for citizen ecosystems, it can be used as a template for creation of new ecosystems as well as a backup ecosystem for other ecosystems.

It is designed to complement and not replace country specific ecosystems (e.g.,, which have much more features, better integration with the governments and much narrower focus.