Cyber Defence

1. Introduction

Nationwide digital mobilisation of citizens is not just good at fighting COVID, it can also be useful in defending against foreign enemies at scale.

2. Cyber Defence

Millions of private cyberspaces working together can boost the cyber defence of a country to unprecedented levels.

3. Digital Battlespace

No matter how unpalatable the topic may be, advances in information technologies are feeding into the kinetic realm at a rapid pace.

If true and verifiable information about the state of the world can be shared easily and equally with everyone, so they can make informed decisions on whether kinetic solutions and their associated damages are warranted, may be these cool technical advances can be channelled into more productive endeavours.

Until such time, it is good to learn about how the cyber domain is achieving kinetic effects in the real world battlefields.

  3. Empower Warfighters Through a Digital Battlespace