Digital Equity

Developed to solve COVID-19, a disease that targets mainly the old and the weak, Private Cyberspace maintains its core principle of not leaving anyone behind, as it solves other large scale intractable problems by rewarding contributions by ALL citizens, no matter their wealth or skill levels.

We believe in giving everyone (from billionaires to refugees) the ability to gain deep insights and make wide impacts . . . with just ONE CLICK.

We are NOT the only one seeing the need to bring more EQUITY and DIGNITY into the world's information ecosystems ... and we are NOT the only one doing something about it.


If we have a Manifesto, it will be very similar to Framasoft's:

Digital Equity

Digital Equity is not just about giving people access to the internet or laptops, it is about giving people control of their digital lives.

Private Cyberspace gives EVERYONE the compute power to process their own data, so they do NOT need to see, think or act under the control of people who have DIFFERENT motivations and interests to them e.g. the cloud platforms.



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