Entity Agent

Personal Console Controller

There are numerous problems with using Cloud peripherals like speakers and cameras, which control and monitors you more than letting you control and monitor others.

Normally Personal Console runs on mobile phones but it has a special mode to support functioning on controllers that cost only tens of dollars. We brought back the idea of the pager from decades ago due to the massive increase in mobile phone prices recently.

Besides cheaper pricing, advantages of the Controllers include their small size, light weight, low power consumption and massive hardware expandability.

In locations that have NO cell phone nor wifi coverage, you can use Controllers with long range LoRa network capability (in additional to built-in wifi and bluetooth) for basic ultra low cost communication.


These Controllers do NOT need any centralised operator when communicating through LoRa, they send text messages directly to each other using license-free sub-gigahertz long-distance radio frequency bands (915MHz in Australia). They work together as a team, pagers in the middle can relay messages between 2 Controllers that are normally out of LoRa radio range with each other.