Government Evolution

Working with Citizens

Work WITH instead of Work FOR your citizens! Tap into their unlimited resources and capabilities with crowd-owned computing instead of just crowd-sourcing data from them.

Govern with Unprecedented Insight and Impact!

1. Complement Digital Initiatives

Citizen Ecosystems provides grassroots capabilities to complement digital initiatives from across a wide range of organisations, from EU Digital Strategy to Digital Divide Institute.

2. Protect Citizen Privacy

3. Improve Cyber Security

4. Increase Situation Awareness

Citizen Ecosystem boosts citizen capabilities and assets at almost zero costs, provide unprecedented situation awareness at a population level while protecting the privacy of individuals.

Privacy Laws

Privacy is too personal (), too fine grain (), too dynamic (e.g. start-ups, criminals etc. ), too complex (e.g. AI, blockchain etc.) to be regulated properly and comprehensively.

International Data Flow

Exchange of data between countries can be just as important as exchange of physical goods.

Besides boosting a country's information industry, the increased online trust introduced by Citizen Ecosystem's Fiduciary Exchange can also boost cross border data flows.