Home Assets

Home Digital Hub application is the centre of a Private Cyberspace it processes and stores most of the information inside the Cyberspace.

It has enough privacy, capacity, reliability, flexibility, security, affordability and usability to store everything for you - yes everything - covering your whole lifetime. The only storage service where you have full control, you can even tell it to "forget" things!

1. Domain Name System

By default all Home Digital Hubs are created with random names under the 88.io domain.

For example quuvoo4ohcequuox.0.88.io if you want to use a more meaningful name like homedigitalhub.com then you can bring your own domain name or you can get a new one.

If you want a turnkey solution instead of doing it yourself then OZtralia.com offers Domain Name Registration that automatically set up your new domain name in your Home Digital Hub

After you have got your own Domain Name System, you can access you Home Digital Hub using it e.g. file.homedigitalhub.com instead of file.quuvoo4ohcequuox.0.88.io

2. Traditional Applications

Numerous traditions applications can be ran inside the Home Digital Hub.

A traditional application can be running inside a disposable node by itself or together with other applications inside one disposable node.

3. Home Operator