Home Station

1. Introduction

There are many ways to build your own Home Station, all you need is a machine that can run Ubuntu Server 20.04 which includes most computers:

  1. Boot up using USB stick on spare laptops or second hand desktop computers.
  2. Running inside you current Windows or macOS computers.
  3. Install on non Intel/AMD computers from Raspberry Pi to IBM Z Mainframe.

Once you have got a newly installed Ubuntu 20.04 online, you just need to download ONE publicly published script, run it and your Ubuntu will be come a Home Station. Yes, it is that simple.

2. Build Costs

Although Intel x86 / AMD amd64 computers are more powerful, budget ARM computers are also supported to provide as lower power and lower cost alternatives.

You can either build it yourself or have someone build it for you and ship to your home, so you can just plug and play.