Public Identity Query Service

Public Identity Query Address Usage Details
Avatar Hash
Browser Connection
IP Address
Phone Number

Public IP Address supports a number of optional parameters.



ip= use this ip address instead of your ip address



source=0 or null then list all source and associated details
source=1 then return region from source1
source=2 then return region from source2
source=3 then return region from source3


Phone Number will provide a json output

     "number": "+61499331111",
     "name": "robinhood",
     "label": "a0_00_00",
     "ip": "",
     "time": "2023-04-21T04:04:06Z ~ 3600"
  • name - public or private name behind the phone number
  • label - trust label of the phone number
  • ip - your public ip address
  • time - time of result generation (it was generated at 2023-04-21T04:04:06Z in the example above)
  • ~ - lifetime of the result (it is 3600 seconds in the example about)

1. Number Format

It is mandatory to supply a phone number to the number= parameter.

  1. International Format (E.164) - recommended

  2. with + in front

  3. with uuencoding

2. Country Code

In order to clean up country specific formats, a optional countrycode= parameter can be supplied.


3. Caching


4. Parsing

Phone Number parsing is based on Google libphonenumber library:

Issuer Identification Number

Issuer identification number (IIN) sometimes referred to as the bank identification number (BIN),

Member Interface supports a number of optional parameters for the members to use.


More accurate member curated location data can be requested:

accuracy=region then display region
accuracy=global then display global area
accuracy=local then display local area
accuracy=exact then display exact lat,lon collected if available


member curated status of an IP address can be requested:

status=simple then display status e.g. blacklisted, member
status=detailed then display status with details e.g. last active time