Infinite Disk Deployment


Infinite Disk can be deployed at ultra low costs enabling individuals and communities to build up their crowd infrastructure without much financial and technical resources.

Commodity Storage Prices

Although Infinite Disk has been designed to make use of existing unused storage capacity, new storage capacity can also be added at an unprecedented low costs.

With Infinite Disk, YOU instead of the cloud providers, can take direct advantage of continuously improving computer hardware price performance ratios.

Sample prices of new disks in Australia (March 2022) with tax and delivery included:

Main Storage
4TB USB Hard Disk Drive - 3 year warranty - AU$119

Temporary Storage
16GB USB Flash Stick - 1 year warranty - AU$5.29

Even in the unlikely case that the 4TB hard disk drive you bought dies immediately after the 3 years warranty period is finished, a 2TB storage is only AU$1.65 a month while an Apple iCloud 2TB storage is AU$14.99 a month.

Increasing the final storage price to AU$2.99 a month should cover all other costs e.g. extra storage overhead (40%) required in the crowd infrastructure to prevent data lost.

Besides the actual monetary savings discuss above, there is one benefit you get from Infinite Disk that no other storage service can give you - CONTROL.

Reuse Damaged Laptops

Millions of laptops around the world with damaged screens, hard disks and keyboards are perfectly good to function as a station running Infinite Disk nodes.

Laptops are by their nature low power and small in size, put them anywhere. As shown below, most laptops can continue to operate even with the lid CLOSED!

If the internal disk of the laptop is too small or has degraded performance or damaged then it is just as simple as plugging in the 4TB USB hard disk mentioned above.

Entrepreneur Tip:
Make money and save the environment by recycling damaged laptops into Infinite Disk nodes!

ARM Home Station 1

Most low cost ARM computers with 64-bit CPU and 2 GB RAM (e.g. Raspberry Pi 4B) can be used to build stations for Infinite Disk nodes.

For a ready made solution, the case that comes with ARM Home Station 1 already has provision for a USB 2.5 inch Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Infinite Disk software is already preloaded in all Home Stations, so nothing need to be installed and the software will automatically configure itself when it is plugged into a local area network.

Infinite Disk hardware is also plug and play. Just push the HDD in from Cable Side of the case then tighten or loosen the 4 hold down nuts coming from the Raspberry Pi 4B, so the 4 nuts have enough pressure to push the HDD against the acrylic case wall.



Cable Side

Non-Cable Side