Local Government Area Displayed

Due to different lockdown rules now being applied to different parts of the state (NSW), we have now exposed the "local government area" on the top menu bar.


So you can adjust your behaviour according to the laws in your local area.

Note this is the Local Government Area (also called a Council, Counties etc.), it is larger than a "Suburb" and smaller than a "State".

You can browse both Councils the Suburbs inside them on the Community Map here:

Councils are Level 6
Suburbs are Level 10

In order to avoid confusion with 2 area names showing, we are removing the display of Suburb names (level 10 in openstreetmap) from 2021-09-01.

So from now on only the Council names (level 10 in openstreetmap) will be displayed.

Inside app.contacttrace.com.au instead seeing "suburb, council" you will now only see "council".