Meeting Application

1. Simple Usage

NO software installation required, no polluting your device.
NO sign-up to any service, no exposing your identity.
NO advertisement, no interrupting your concentration.
NO computer required, call in from phone when driving or walking.
NO spying concern, create and delete server with Disposable Node.
NO forgetting of the meeting, record to private Infinite Disk.

1.1. Devices Supported

Just use your web browsers (latest Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari).

Share Audio, Share Video, Share File, View Screen
Windows,   macOS,   Android,   iOS (Safari only)

Share Screen
Windows,   macOS

If you do NOT have a web browser, you cannot see the meeting but you CAN still join the meeting using voice with a normal phone (see the Voice Call section below).

1.2. Joining of Meetings

You do NOT need to sign-up to any service NOR install any app.

You just need a web browser link from the creator of the meeting.


There is NO need to Sign In (that is for the meeting creator), to attend the meeting, you just need to Type In you name and click Join.

It will ask for permission to access you microphone and camera, the first time you use it,

1.3. Camera Selection

If your device have multiple cameras you will need to select which camera to use.

Major features of the Camera Selection screen are described by the 3 purple word pointers in diagram below. Click diagram to enlarge.


1.4. Meeting Controls

Major features of the Meeting screen are described by the 13 purple word pointers in diagram below. Click diagram to enlarge.


2. Screen Sharing

You need to be assigned moderator permission before you can share your screen.

There are 3 different ways of sharing your computer screen

  1. Your Entire Screen   (not recommended)
  2. One Window on your screen
  3. One Tab within your browser

Please refer to the 3 purple word pointers in each of the diagrams below for operting instructions.

2.1. Entire Screen


2.2. One Window


2.3. One Tab


3. Extra Communicaton Channels

3.1. File Presentation

Upload the files you want to use in your presentation.
You can then pick from an uploaded file list, the file you need to display at any time during the presentation.


Applications Supported File Formats
Preferred .pdf
Text .doc     .docx     .rft        .odt       .txt
Spreadsheet .xls       .xlsx       .ods
Presentation .ppt     .pptx     .odp     .odc
Image .jpg     .png       .odi      .odg

Major features of the File Presentation screen are described by the 11 purple word pointers in diagram below. Click diagram to enlarge.


You can click on the Page Advance buttons to move between pages of the file. Viewers can click Full Screen button to view the presentation in full screen.

3.2. Text Chat

Text chat is available for expressing yourself in writing. The transcript can be saved at the end of the meeting.

Please refer to the 13 purple word pointers in diagram below. Click diagram to enlarge.


3.3. Voice Call

If you do NOT have a computer with you (e.g. you are driving or walking)
If you CANNOT get your computer to work (e.g. your microphone is faulty)

You can STILL join the meeting from anywhere in the world using a normal phone by ringing the following phone number:

+61 2 8205 0000

and entering the Conference PIN given to you by the meeting organiser.

You can then listen to the meeting and contribute as needed through your phone.


The BigBlueButton software is used in this implementation of the Meeting Application.


Minimum Supported Version: 2.4



When the connection to the server is interrupted, e.g: the LAN cable gets unplugged, the WiFi connection gets dropped, the internet is down etc, the browser will need to be closed and reopened when the connection is restored.

Failure to close and reopen the browser will cause the audio to stop working, although the video would still work.