Mesh Station 23.05

Armbian Mesh Station

The Mesh Station 23.04 is the Orange Pi PC


Mesh Stations are very reliable when in production, however if you "bricked" your Mesh Station during development or at any other time, it can be debricked easily with its uboot failsafe feature.

1. Download Firmware

For recovery download the KERNEL version of firmware from onto your computer.


2. IP Address

Set your computer’s IP address to


3. Cable

Connect only one cable to the router, and leave the other port (LAN or WAN) unconnected .

4. Test

Open the terminal of your computer, e.g: the MS-DOS Command Prompt and type "ping -t"

There should be NO response, as the device is bricked.

5. Press

Press and hold the Reset button firmly on the router first and then power on.

6. Release

The 5G LED will blink 5 times before becoming steady, at which time the 2G LED shows up steady as well. Now release the finger, the terminal will show Reply from from the previous "ping" command.

7. Browser

Use Firefox or Chrome and go to to enter the Uboot Web UI, browse to the location of the firmware downloaded and click on the Update firmware button.


8. Wait

Wait for around 5 minutes.

DO NOT power off your device while upgrading.

Note During this process, 5G LED initially blinks for a while, followed by both 5G and 2G rapidly blinking. Then only power LED remains steady for a while, followed by some blinking on power LEDs again, until it finally remains steady. Only then you will be able to access the router via or again.

Backup and Restore


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