Mobile Mesh Station

1. Wemos Lolin32 Lite

The Peripheral Station 24.1 (PS24.1) is implemented with the ESP32 Wemos Lolin32 Lite and its clones (board: lolin32_lite).


Using the ESP32-D0WDQ6 module with 2 rows of 13-pin holes (headers supplied but NOT soldered on).

  2. GitHub - chenull/lolinara: Ini adalah board lolin esp32 yang sudah terinstall micropython punya nara

Many other Peripheral Stations are available if you want soldered in headers or you do not need the built-in battery charger.

Note this is the cheaper "Lite" version, not the "standard" version:

Available Pins Standard version Lite version
3V3 2 1
5V 1
GND 5 1
GPIO 21 21

PS24.1 is very small and low cost. If you need headers get the PCC1, if need camera get the PCC2 (which also has headers), but they do NOT have a battery port.

1. Pin-outs


sch_lolin32_lite_v1.0.0.pdf (86.5 KB)

Espressif_Systems_01292021_esp32-1991551.pdf (965.5 KB)


• ESP32-D0WD chip - Dual Core but No Flash
• Xtensa 32-bit LX6 microprocessor
• Floating Point Unit
• DSP instructions (32-bit multiplier, a 32-bit divider etc.)
• 32 interrupt vectors from about 70 interrupt sources
• JTAG for debugging

Internal Memory

• 448 KB of ROM for booting and core functions
• 520 KB of on-chip SRAM (for data and instructions)
• 8 KB of Fast SRAM in RTC
• 8 KB of Slow SRAM in RTC
• 1 Kbit of eFuse: 256 bits for the system (e.g. MAC address) 768 bits for custom applications

Internal Network

• WiFi 802.11b/g/n
• WiFi 802.11n (20 MHz and 40 MHz)
• WiFi up to 150 Mbps of data rate
• WiFi up to 20.5 dBm of transmitting power
• Bluetooth v4.2 BR/EDR and Bluetooth LE
• Bluetooth Class-1, 2, 3 transmit power with dynamic control up to 24 dB



Flash Size: 4MByte


Maximum Charging Current: 500mA


For Mobile or Portable Application 2000 mAh recommended (new battery provides at least 24 hours of power under heavy load)