Modular Assist Support

Modular Assist substantially improves the security and quality of technical support over traditional support services.

When support is required you can contact the Cyberspace Integrator that puts your cyberspace together. If needed, it can contact the other module operators on behalf of you or you can contact those operators directly yourself.


Even during this early stage of development, the operators for the 4 modules are already separated into 4 businesses under 3 different legal entities (companies):

Module Operator Business Company Number
Private Cyberspace Cyberspace Integrator ABN 72 052 359 725
Community Cluster Infrastructure Builder ABN 62 629 769 919
Citizen Ecosystem Ecosystem Coordinator ABN 58 091 880 330

Cyberspace Integrators put a set of Citizen Applications and Crowd Infrastructures together to form a ready to use Private Cyberspace that can be installed on mobile phones with just ONE CLICK.

They are NOT allowed to develop the software (role of Application Developer) nor build the hardware (role of Infrastructure Builder) for Private Cyberspaces nor enforce rules between them (role of Ecosystem Coordinator).

The Separation of Powers principle is a major driver for innovation and quality within Citizen Synergy, it does not stop at just the supporting organisations mentioned above, it applies to every component and operation within each module also.

So long as the separation does not affect the quality of the module negatively by too much - the component or operation within a module should be divided between more independent parties.

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