Network DNS Service

Domain Name System (DNS) is a fundamental function of the internet that needs to be accurate and available at all times.

DNS Redundancy

Currently provides global DNS services from 8 sites in multiple cities:

Amsterdam - 1 site (unicast)
London - 1 site (anycast)
Los Angeles - 1 site (anycast)
Singapore - 1 site (unicast)
Sydney - 3 sites (1 unicast, 2 anycast)
Tokyo - 1 site (anycast)

DNS Backup

In case there are problems with the real top level domain servers (yes, even those backbone services can go down e.g due to dnssec problems), the service will ignore caching time out and keep serving the last records until the proper servers come back up.

DNS Monitoring

These servers perform independent monitoring and verification of global DNS records.

DNS Privacy

These servers to keep logs from a minimum of 5 minutes to maximum of 2 days to prevent attack only. Most records will be deleted with 10 minutes, suspicious records will be kept longer up to a maximum of 2 days.

To prevent these servers from collecting you real IP address, you should use your Private Cyberspace to randomise the IP addresses of all your DNS request.

The domain's DNS records are now available from 8 sites worldwide.

If something bad happens to the top level domain, people can still access by using these global DNS Servers directly for their DNS lookups.