Partiton AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to be used to pick targets instead of just destroying targets. This is no longer about AI killing humans, this is about AI deciding who to kill.

That is AI is being used across the full spectrum: as the police, the jury, the judge and the executioner.

Your Private Cyberspace's AI capabilities are fully controlled by you (Agent Computing) for more private and hopefully less violent endeavours!

Your Agent is like your own AI personal helper to operate your cyberspace on your behalf. Training your agent like understanding your speech are done on YOUR device for your benefit instead of the cloud's benefit.

As if using your data in influencing your behaviour is not bad enough, now leaking your data could potentially cause you substantial harm.

Current AI developments are mainly based on machine learning, you need to feed it with your data FIRST, protecting your data is more important than ever before.

No matter how advanced an adversary's machine learning capabilities, it still need to get at your data - data that you can start protecting - NOW.


1. Citizen AI is about providing AI capability to the masses, so everyone can decide HOW AI impact their individual lives, instead of just been impacted upon en masse BY AI.

You can experience some of's AI capability with just ONE CLICK.


It can be used to scan most images - the your weight on your bathroom scale, the number plate of the bus you are about to board, receipt for a meal you just had etc.

Cloud AI Problems

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