Peripheral Station Software


Currently PlatformIO is the supported development environment for Personal Console Controllers.

Some Personal Console Controller firmwares developed using PlatformIO:

  1. ESPHome - ESPHome · GitHub
  2. ESPEasy - GitHub - letscontrolit/ESPEasy: Easy MultiSensor device based on ESP8266/ESP32
  3. ESP32-CAM RTSP - GitHub - rzeldent/esp32cam-rtsp: Simple RTSP (streaming image) server for the ESP32CAM. Easy configuration and monitoring through the web interface.

If you do not know which firmware to use, then ESPHome is recommended.

1. ESPHome

ESPHome was designed with Home Assistant (part of Home Agent Node) in mind, so it has better integration than other firmwares.

1.1. Unofficial Ports

1.2. Exploit



Tasmota, ESPeasy, ESP-Link and ESPurna are great firmwares and are supported, so there is generally NO NEED to migrate to ESPHome.

All of them works well on the weaker ESP8266 and can be lighter than ESPHome when web server is enabled. However, for those who wants to keep everything the same, the following are some information on migration.