Personal Compute

User vs Owner

For the first time in decades

Personal Compute ... AGAIN

The massive injection of compute power by Private Cyberspace into the general population improves every aspect of modern life from personal dignity (how you value yourself and how others value you) to national security (wars are won by the industries at the back as much as on the battlefields at the front).

Similar to what the microprocessor did 50 years ago (which gave birth to Apple, Microsoft etc.), Private Dataspace enables the massive global decentralisation of computing.

The new compute capability is like another dawn of Personal Computing ... people can once again build up their information spaces freely just like renovating their physical spaces at home!


However, the most exciting new capability is not just working on your data yourself, it is working with others.

Private Dataspace takes advantage of the latest technologies (homomorphic encryption for trust, artificial intelligence for ease of use, mesh routing for connectivity etc.) to promote collaboration between Private Dataspaces, so they can work together to solve the most intractable problems facing humankind.


You can now take advantage of your newly acquired ownership over your data to gain unprecedented productivity and security e.g.

  1. receiving data income (previously taken by cloud platforms)
  2. analysing detailed data deeply (previously not possible on cloud platforms due to privacy reasons)
  3. interacting directly with people safely (previously you need to go through cloud platforms)
  4. etc. etc.

The benefits of transforming an user to an owner by delivering compute to data are virtually endless ...

Most people are already aware of the many problems with cloud platforms e.g.

  • cloud platforms know more about users than the users themselves
  • cloud platforms controls almost every aspect of their users' lives
  • user data are building up cloud platform assets instead of users' own assets

The problem was the lack of practical alternatives to existing cloud platforms. A problem that Private Dataspace has been designed to solve.