Personal Entity


Personal Entity revolutionises personal computing by letting individuals fund all the computing power they need with their own data.

Current Your Personal Entity consists of a number of Disposable Nodes:

Data Node

Device Node

One of the best use of the new compute power you acquired with your Private Cyberspace is to collect and process your own information, privately and securely within your home network.

Your Private Cyberspace makes it much more rewarding (intellectually, financially etc.) to spend time learning about yourself (which you spend 24 hours a day with) instead of some Hollywood star or Instagram influencer (that you have never met in real life).

Explore a different dimension of yourself, a person that leads and produces instead follows and consumes. The best place to start that journey is within the privacy and security of your Home Network.

Old Stuff

Two Disposable Nodes we have bundle onto your Home Network are based on two great open sourced software applications:

  1. Home Assistance - control your physical world
  2. Nextcloud - control your online world

There are some feature overlap between the 2 applications but generally they are complementary - one does something much better than the other.

As you gain more experience with

With the Privacy vs Visibility Conundrum now solved by Virtual Vaccine the same privacy protection, accurate detection, fast notification technologies can now be applied to Reduce and Eliminate Harm in many fields outside of COVID, producing unprecedented benefits across both the physical and the online domains.

Revolutionary way of building up your information assets by logging EVERYTHING about your life in the most private and productive manner.

1. Improve Physical Safety

From getting the out of the way of emergency vehicles before their siren reach you to getting out of the building when there is an active shooter upstairs, unprecedented situation awareness provided by Citizen Synergy can save lives in many different situations every single day.

Here we will disclose in detail how Citizen Synergy can be used to reduce road deaths worldwide.

2. Improve Online Safety

Just because the online world is "virtual" its impact can be VERY REAL indeed. Australians

The impact is not just financial, scams ALWAYS cause emotional damages and in many cases result in quick suicide and long deaths.

Here we will disclose in detail how Citizen Synergy can be used to reduce Online Scams worldwide.


Your location data is ALREADY being collected and sold by many parties, from innocent looking weather channels to heavy duty professional data harvesters, your location data is everywhere EXCEPT with you.

Virtual Vaccine is simply transferring those "stolen" data and money back from THEM to you. Once you have your own data, you should of course partner with the government to fight COVID-19 but you can also partner with the government to do a LOT MORE.

We will leave the numerous benefits to individuals and businesses to a later section, here we look at what is possible when citizens can confidently contribute their data to the government knowing they are gaining rewards instead of losing privacy.

1. Emergency Messaging

Citizens can choose to receive other messages anonymously through verbal ring tones from the Anonymous Exchange based on their locations, WITHOUT the government knowing who they are or where they have been.

  1. Emergency Vehicles Approaching
    Drivers not knowing what to do and cannot hear siren problems are major causes of delay, Anonymous Exchange can tell individual drivers or pedestrians exactly what to do using the different ringtones depending on traffic conditions and how far away they are from the approaching emergency vehicle.

  2. Helpers during Emergency
    Besides reducing emergency vehicle trip times, increasing bystander interventions can also improve survival rates. Calling qualified people nearby using different verbal ring tones map to different calling numbers to alert those people of different situations (e.g. cardiac arrest) that they may be able to help in an emergency.

  3. Road Blocks and Road Signs
    Complement real physical road blocks and road signs by calling mobile phones as they approach dangerous situations, so tragedies like the recent flood related death may be avoided.

2. Government Savings

  1. Conserve Energy
    Reduce Streetlight power consumption WITHOUT to neither develop, install nor maintain ANY sensors compared to traditional smart street light efforts. The possibility are endless, may be switch off half the street lights and then turn them on only when someone approaches on foot or by car.

  2. Transport Statistics
    Improve Transport STATISTICS by gathering statistics from EVERY TRIP on for ALL transport types instead of from a FEW STREETS with road traffic counters. And that's just the Transport Department, we have not talk about the benefits to other department e.g. Census Bureau.


When there is NO NEED to trade-off privacy with visibility, the possibilities are endless.

One of the most important information assets you need to reclaim from the Cloud is your LOCATION information.

Besides earning passive income from your location data, a privately controlled yet publicly verified set of location, can also be very valuable in a lot of other ways:

  1. If you are a gangster, an independent log of your location might help prove your innocence.
  2. If you have some disability, a real-time analysis of your movements brings help to you in a more timely manner.
  3. If you are driving in bad conditions, a call to your phone is a good backup to emergency road signs (e.g. person killed in recent floods)
  4. If you made eye contact with someone you like, a search in that time and space might tell you that person also likes you.

Personal Map allows you to start collecting location information about yourself instantly, you can then choose to contribute your data to a number of different projects:

  1. for free (to the fight against COVID-19 via Virtual Vaccine)
  2. for profit (taking back the money people are already making from your data)
  3. for yourself (storing for private data mining or sharing with close friends)

When the pandemic is all over, this is the ONLY solution that will leave behind a substantial citizen owned computing infrastructure - that can be used by all citizens of all countries for many diverse crowd-owned applications from online search to cyber defence.

Besides rewarding citizens for building up of value of a physical area (via Area Entity), the Citizen Timeline can be used for rewarding the building up of value many other non-physical areas.

Data owners can earn incoming by either providing their data directly or preferably providing insight into their data.


Citizen Application

Gain unprecedented insights into your life privately then share selected information anonymously with others under the protection of Homomorphic Encryption to improve the world in previously unimagined ways!

Citizen Timeline solve the privacy vs visibility conundrum that has plagued large population wide projects.

  • Make COVID the last pandemic by participating in the Virtual Vaccine program!
  • Earn extra income while on Virtual Vaccine by sharing some of your data in privacy preserving way with venues you have visited or brands you have purchased from.
  • Find missing persons, prove innocences in courts ... the possibility are endless

Revolutionary way of building up your information assets by logging EVERYTHING about your life in the most private and productive manner.

For the first time, applications are being controlled by users instead of developers. Users ACTIVELY customise the applications to their own requirements instead of PASSIVELY submitting data to be processed in ways dictated the developers.

Local District

For example there are many organisations collecting abandoned shopping trolleys in Australia.

Home Network Core

Currently the Home Network Core is made up of 3 Disposable Nodes:

  1. File Node - based on the Nextcloud Server
  2. Control Node - based on the Home Assistant Server
  3. Access Node - based on

2. Control Node

2.1. SIP Addons

  1. Phone
    SIP-HASS · SIP for Home Assistant
    GitHub - TECH7Fox/sip-hass-card: A SIP client inside home assistant!

  2. Outgoing
    hassio-addons/dss_voip at master · sdesalve/hassio-addons · GitHub

  3. Outgoing
    Home Assistant SIP Gateway - Share your Projects! - Home Assistant Community

  4. Incoming
    SIP (VoIP) Monitoring for incoming calls using MQTT - Share your Projects! - Home Assistant Community

  5. Door Bell
    SIP Doorbell, android tablet and HA integration - Share your Projects! - Home Assistant Community