Phone Service

1. Introduction

The traditional telephone network is a globally accessible alternative communication channel for your Private Cyberspace.

Whether it is as a backup when internet is down or for people without smart phones or as an extra "out-of-band" check before you let people on the internet into your cyberspace, the global phone network can be very valuable.

You can attach one or more phone number to your private cyberspace so it can interact with others over traditional non-IP telephone networks.

This phone number can be your existing mobile phone number. Once attached you can use it when you want:

  • your Private Cyberspace to answer your calls when you are busy
  • your friends to call your Private Cyberspace instead of your real phone

Despite the advance of web based technology, the traditional phone network is a great alternative communication channel in some cases:

  1. When you are driving or walking
  2. When you need out-of-band authentication

2. Shared Phone Numbers

2.1. Shared Interactive Number

Access your Private Cyberspace with Voice.

Specify the phone number of the private cyberspace you want to contact after the call is answered by the Interactive Phone Number.

Australian Example:
13 88 13

2.2. Shared Collection Number

Collects data from caller into your Private Cyberspace using Voice, DTMF, SMS and Fax.

Ways of specifying the phone number of the private cyberspace you want to contact (the destination phone number):

Australian Example:
+614 99 33 1111

Note: we know CSID is for the SENDER fax phone number but we are using it for the RECEIVER fax number so we can forward the received fax from +614 99 33 1111 to the correct Private Cyberspace.

2.3. Shared Ring Number

For you to ring to supply you phone number to the system. This just get the caller number it does NOT actually answer the phone call.

Phone Number Verification process initiated from

Australian Example:
1800 180 100

3. Dedicated Phone Numbers

If you do NOT want to use the carrier portals above, you can get a dedicated phone number for your Private Cyberspace.

With your own dedicated phone number, there is NO need for any portals to forward calls to your Private Cyberspace. All the calls will reach your cyberspace directly.

Australian Example:
A list of available dedicated numbers are here:
Click "Choose an option" to see a list of available mobile phone numbers.
All those mobile numbers can receive Voice, Fax, SMS.

4. Deployment

Current deployments

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. United States of America