Private Cyberspace

1. Information Ownership

Create your Private Cyberspace to gain 40+ advantages over using Cloud Platforms with just ONE CLICK. Enjoy unprecedented Security (e.g. online trust, privacy control) and Productivity (e.g. deep insight, personal AI) only possible with DATA OWNERSHIP.

1.1. Why Private Cyberspace ?

Why Private Cyberspace ?
From Information User to Owner

Information is your most important asset – knowing or disclosing just ONE extra piece of data could change your life. Yet currently most of your data is stored remotely on Cloud Platforms, controlled and processed by parties that have DIFFERENT interests and aspirations to you.


You interact through their interfaces and you play by their rules, basically you have lost control – your most important asset is NO longer yours.

Private Cyberspace gives you an exclusive space to store and add value to your data, transforming you from an information user of cloud platform assets to an information owner with your own assets.

The benefits of owning your information space are no less than

  • owning your home (instead of staying in a hotel room)
  • driving your car (instead of waiting for the bus)

ALL aspects of your digital life are improved substantially.

Private Cyberspace
Cloud Platform
1. Access you define platform define
2. Artificial Intelligence your model platform model
3. Asset your asset cloud asset
4. Attention controlled interruptions constant interruptions
5. Benefits mostly to you mostly to platform
6. Broadband more return on investment less return on investment
7. Collaboration directly by you only through platform
8. Contacts you know platform knows
9. Control totally exclusive almost none
10. Cost collaborative infrastructure centralised infrastructure
11. Customisation personal wants platform wants
12. Death your beneficiaries unknown beneficiaries
13. Encryption you encrypt platform encrypts
14. Evidence you collect platform collect
15. Hardware cheap devices expensive devices
16. Impact global reach platform reach
17. Income mutual reward algorithm reward
18. Independence your rules platform rules
19. Innovation swappable processes fixed processes
20. Insight processed data raw data
21. Interaction you manage platform manage
22. Leadership easy to lead easy to follow
23. Name your aliases account name
24. Payment your log platform log
25. Profit your compute your data
26. Principle your own platform directors
27. Productivity globally optimised locally optimised
28. Redundancy massive redundancy limited redundancy
29. Reputation you decide platform decides
30. Resource reclaim latent resources waste precious resources
31. Reward value based reward platform based reward
32. Rules mutual agreement platform dictate
33. Safety your boundaries platform boundaries
34. Security trusted interaction supervised interaction
35. Skill mix and match nodes application programming interfaces
36. Software Node Set App Store
37. Sovereignty local laws overseas laws
38. Trust distributed attestation central attestation
39. Usability your interface platform interface
40. Value Add your way platform's way
41. Wastage all data partial data
42. Worldview you control platform controls

For more details on the above Private Cyberspace's unique advantages and different types of Cloud Platforms (from grey clouds like Google to black clouds like Bitcoin) please visit the Cloud Fallacy web page.

Most people are already aware of the many problems with cloud platforms e.g.

  • cloud platforms know more about users than the users themselves
  • cloud platforms controls almost every aspect of their users' lives
  • user data are building up cloud platform assets instead of users' own assets

The problem was the lack of practical alternatives to existing cloud platforms. A problem that Private Cyberspace has been designed to solve.

1.2. How does Private Cyberspace work ?

How does Private Cyberspace work ?
Import Compute instead of Export Data

Data is not useful by itself, it needs compute power to process it in order to create value.

Information Asset = Compute + Data

  • Currently DATA is given to those with COMPUTE power (Cloud Platforms)
  • Private Cyberspace gives COMPUTE power to those with DATA (you)

Private Cyberspace reverses the current data processing flow, instead of having to export your data to cloud platforms for processing, you import compute to process your data yourself ... with just ONE CLICK.


You are not longer a PASSIVE user building up CLOUD platform assets, you are now an ACTIVE owner building up YOUR own assets in your private cyberspace - by applying your compute to your data.

Never build your house on someone else's land.

You can now take advantage of your newly acquired ownership over your data to gain unprecedented productivity and security e.g.

  1. receiving data income (previously taken by cloud platforms)
  2. analysing detailed data deeply (previously not possible on cloud platforms due to privacy reasons)
  3. interacting directly with people safely (previously you need to go through cloud platforms)
  4. etc. etc.

The benefits that come from transforming from an user to an ower are virtually endless ...

Personal Computing ... AGAIN

The massive injection of compute power into the population improves every aspect of modern life from personal dignity (how you value yourself and how others value you) to national security (wars are won by the industries at the back as much as on the battlefields at the front).

Similar to what the microprocessor did 50 years ago (which gave birth to Apple, Microsoft etc.), Private Cyberspace enables the massive global decentralisation of computing.

The new compute capability is like another dawn of Personal Computing ... people can once again build up their information spaces freely just like renovating their physical spaces at home!


However, the most exciting new capability is not just working on your data yourself, it is working with others.

Private Cyberspace takes advantage of the latest technologies (homomorphic encryption for trust, artificial intelligence for ease of use, mesh routing for connectivity etc.) to promote collaboration between Private Cyberspaces, so they can work together to solve the most intractable problems facing humankind.

1.3. What makes Private Cyberspace Compute Unique ?

What makes Private Cyberspace Compute Unique ?
Separation of Control and Process

Private Cyberspace enables everyone, from billionaires to refugees, to keep their DATA and receive all the COMPUTE power they need to build up their own information assets, independent of their wealth or skill levels.

The individual Private Cyberspace owner only needs a low end mobile phone (just wifi will do - mobile phone carrier optional) to run the Personal Console software in order to control thousands of community computers with Disposable Node software worldwide.


This separation of CONTROL (using Personal Console software on personal phone) from PROCESS (using Disposable Node software on community computers) is a paradigm shift from traditional monolithic computing where everything is done centrally on Cloud Platforms.

Private Cyberspace is the world's first deployment of homomorphic encryption at scale, enabling individuals to leverage the massive latent resources within the community safely, thus removing the traditional cost and skill barriers that have prevented people from acquiring reliable compute power.

Under the protection of homomorphic encryption, data can now be stored and processed securely on community computers with the easy ONE COMMAND installed Disposable Node software, to take advantage of any excess resources available worldwide (e.g. idle bandwidth overnight, unused disk space, data collected while shopping, laptops with broken screens, surplus solar energy during the day, bored retirees etc.).

Innovation Bottleneck

Innovation sets Human Intelligence apart from Artificial Intelligence, innovation needs compute and data to thrive, restricting the compute and data to dozens of companies worldwide is directly restricting the ability of the rest of us to innovate.


No matter how smart the staff are at the Cloud Platforms (Apple, Google, Open AI etc.), the diversity introduced through the participation of the rest of the world will result in MORE and BETTER innovations.

Most importantly, those innovations will be carried out under the DIRECTIONS of billions of citizens instead of dozens of board members.

Private Cyberspace provides instant compute power to MANY so their digital lives are no longer dependent on the compute power from a FEW (e.g. Apple, Google, ChatGPT etc.).

2. Personal Console

With just ONE CLICK you can install the Personal Console software into your web browsers instantly.

  • NO download from App Stores or Play Store
  • NO sign-up to any service or create any account
  • NO contacts e.g. username, email, phone number etc. needed
  • NO advertisement or any unsolicited interruption
  • NO leaking of data outside of your phone
  • NO charge for use, distribution, modification (refer to license)
  • NO hidden operation (source code is published publicly)

After installation, you can create your first piece of Information Asset in your Private Cyberspace within One Second by following the tutorial in the Quick Start Guide.

After you gained some experience the Personal Console on your phone, you can optionally extend it with more personal devices.


Personal Console Computers gives you more compute power as well as bigger screens and keyboards to enjoy your cyberspace in comfort. Most computers with web browsers (e.g. laptops, desktops and even TVs) can be used. The only condition to running Personal Console software on your device is that you must have exclusive control of it.

Personal Console Controller gives you unprecedented power in monitoring and controlling the physical world by letting you sprinkle low-cost low-power sensors and actuators around your environment. The more controllers you deploy, the bigger your cyberspace footprint and the more opportunities to sell its capabilities to other cyberspaces.

Above screen capture of a Personal Console shows a walk to the local bakery, notice some information collected about the owner (walking speeds) and the surrounding environment (bluetooth signals).