Private Cyberspace

1. Information Ownership

Create a Private Cyberspace for your information assets with just One Click. No more giving away data and control to the Cloud. Be an information OWNER instead of User, add new dimensions to your digital life - gain insights, earn incomes and make impacts that are only possible with ownership.

Information is your most important asset – knowing or disclosing just ONE extra piece of information could change your life. Yet currently most of your information is stored remotely in the Cloud and processed by parties that have DIFFERENT interests and aspirations to you.

You interact through their interfaces and you play by their rules, basically you have lost control – your most important asset is NO longer yours.

1.1. Reclaim Your Asset

Data is not useful by itself, it needs compute power to process it in order to create value.

Information Asset = Compute + Data

  • Currently DATA is given to those with COMPUTE power (Cloud Platforms)
  • Private Cyberspace gives COMPUTE power to those with DATA (you)


Build up your assets instead the Cloud's assets.

Private Cyberspace's unique Fiduciary Exchange technology enables EVERYONE, from billionaires to refugees, to keep their DATA and receive all the COMPUTE power they need to reclaim their information assets, independent of their wealth or skill levels.

1.2. Create Your Cyberspace

Private Cyberspace transforms you from an information USER into OWNER with just ONE CLICK, enabling you to start controlling your DATA and thus your digital life instantly.

Never build your house on someone else's land.

The benefits of having your own cyberspace is similar to owning other assets:

  • Like driving your car instead of taking the bus
    now you can drive anywhere without worrying about bus timetables ...
  • Like owning your home instead of paying rent
    now you can renovate your home without asking the landlord ...


Once you have your own cyberspace, you can work with other cyberspaces in a synergistic manner to solve the most difficult problems facing humankind (e.g save lives and reduce tax by overcoming real vaccine weaknesses with Virtual Vaccine).

Exclusive access to your data gives you a lot of new possibilities, already preloaded in your Private Cyberspace are dozens of Citizen Applications enabling you to gain Insight, earn Income and make Impact that are NOT possible on any Cloud Platform.

1.3. Grow Your Cyberspace

After the ONE CLICK create, Console software is installed in your web browser, enabling you to start collecting information into your Private Cyberspace within just ONE SECOND.

Below is the view of a Console after some data have been collected.

The ONE SECOND collection of your location is just a start, built-in sensors let you collect unprecedented amount of data easily on your phone for your OWN private use e.g. your movements throughout the day, neighbours' wifi signals, friends' bluetooth headset signals, rapid antigen test results, product barcodes, cafe QR codes, shopping receipts etc.

1.4. Protect Your Privacy

Each person can have one or more Private Cyberspaces and each Private Cyberspace can operate under one or more aliases.

Unlike Cloud Platforms which attempt to identify you and target you even across applications and sites, Private Cyberspace encourages you to have different identities for different purposes. Fine grain control allows you to tune each alias for different groups of people and different types of applications.

New Private Cyberspaces always start operation with a GUEST alias - there is NO identity information and NO data leaves your phone - you can even collect data OFFLINE. You can confirm that feature by continuing to collect data after you have disabled all communication functions e.g. turn on "air plane mode" of your phone. Programmers can confirm by auditing the javascript code already loaded in your browsers.


GUEST alias is used to collect raw data privately on your phone and sharing them at your own time and through your own means, there is no interaction with any exchange. In fact, since the Console will not "phone home" to application providers under GUEST alias, you will need to check for new software updates manually, it will not check itself. Basically you are using the Console to built your information assets "off the grid".

ASSOCIATE aliases are used for interacting anonymously with exchanges. You will start to see more information (like the name of the local government area you are currently in) and be able to.

1.3. Citizen Synergy

Once you have collected some data into your own private cyberspace, you can OPTIONALLY work other cyberspaces in a safe and synergistic manner to solve the most difficult problems facing humankind.

For example, currently you can earn bronze y20coins anonymously (e.g. for helping to locate COVID virus down to meters and cut its legs off within minutes by notifying others).


From the wifi signals on the street to the barcodes on a bottle of milk, you can donate or sell the the data you have collected in your Private Cyberspace immediately on collection or on a later date.

Selling DATA in your Private Cyberspace redirects the funds originally going to the Cloud Platforms to you, additionally Private Cyberspace also let you sell INSIGHTS by processing your data yourself and then selling the resulting insight, which is substantially safer than exposing your data to others.


You can also use your Private Cyberspace to receive data anonymously, from a pothole on the road in front to an active shooter in the building, from an ambulance coming up behind you to proving you are somewhere else at a certain time in courts ... the possibilities are endless.

2. Separation of Powers

Power tends to corrupt and
absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Lord Acton

To prevent those WITH massive compute power shaping the lives of those WITHOUT, Private Cyberspace breaks up monolithic Cloud Platforms into millions of independently owned and controlled digital environments to deliver unprecedented privacy, security, performance, and reliability.

Private Cyberspace breaks the monolithic Cloud structure into 3 independent branches preventing control of your cyberspace by a single party.

  1. Crowd Infrastructure provides affordable infrastructures to your cyberspace by using surplus resources in other private cyberspaces.
  2. Citizen Application provides trusted applications to your cyberspace by using other cyberspaces to execute and monitor their operations.
  3. Citizen Ecosystem provides coordination between cyberspaces so they can interact according to agreed rules.

Citizen Ecosystem is optional in most interactions, when Private Cyberspaces already know about each other ad are happy to deal directly with each other.

A loose analogy can be made between the 3 branches of the Private Cyberspace with the 3 branches of governments. The fundamental difference is that the owner of the Private Cyberspace CONTROLS ALL 3 branches.

  1. Crowd Infrastructure - Executive branch
    Owners of Private Cyberspaces can select the Crowd Infrastructures to perform the actual operations on its data.
  2. Citizen Application - Judiciary branch
    Owners of Private Cyberspaces can select the Citizen Applications to decide on which operations to performed on its data.
  3. Citizen Ecosystem - Legislature branch
    Private Cyberspaces can belong to none, one or more Citizen Ecosystems and can freely change them.

In Australia the supporting organisations for those 3 branches are 3 separate businesses under 3 different legal entities (companies):

Branch Support Business Name Company Number
Crowd Infrastructure Infrastructure Supplier OZtralia ABN 62 629 769 919
Citizen Application Application Provider Contact Trace Australia ABN 72 052 359 725
Citizen Ecosystem Ecosystem Coordinator ABN 58 091 880 330

The separation of power principle does not stop at just the supporting organisations, it is applies to every component and operation related to Private Cyberspaces. So long as the separation does not affect the quality of the system negatively by too much - the responsibility is divided between more parties.

2.1. Crowd Infrastructure

Crowd Infrastructure eliminates the COST of Private Cyberspaces by leveraging Surplus Resources from each other and redirecting Data Income from Cloud Platforms to them. Everyone (no matter their skill or wealth levels) can now collect, store, process and distribute their data profitably and easily.


Crowd Infrastructure turns the existing Cloud Infrastructure delivery flow UPSIDE DOWN, enabling one user to benefit from the resources of many other users with a fine grained reward system.

Instead of building power hungry Cloud data centres that are easy targets for surveillance in times of peace and easy targets for destruction in times of war, Crowd Infrastructure uses a revolutionary new approach to computing.

By running the Console, your mobile phone is the first Private Device you add into your private cyberspace. As your information assets build, you can add extra devices (e.g. your laptop) into your private cyberspace with just ONE COMMAND to handle the extra assets.

2.2. Citizen Applications

Citizen Application revolutionises online TRUST by solving the Visibility vs Privacy conundrum so Private Cyberspaces can interact and collaborate safely. It delivers Homomorphic Encryption at scale enabling citizens to solve intractable problems (e.g. COVID) that have challenged all governments.


Citizen Application turns the existing Cloud Application control flow UPSIDE DOWN, by letting the user control application through infrastructure.

Instead trusting something (a person, a piece of information etc.) based on its visibility provided by Cloud Platforms, Citizen Application enables the matching of the visibility requirements of the send and receiver.

By running the Console, you have created the first Dynamic Alias in your private cyberspace. It is a Guest Alias used to collect data onto your phone only and does NOT communicate with the outside world, you can add Associate and Member Aliases into your Console when you are ready to start sharing some of your data.

2.3. Citizen Ecosystem

Although Private Cyberspaces can interact directly with each other at anytime under mutually agreed rules, Citizen Ecosystems provide ready made structures that Private Cyberspaces with common interests can join and interact with each other based on predefined rules of the ecosystem, WITHOUT needing to make individual interaction agreements with each other.


Common functions provided by Citizen Ecosystems to Private Cyberspaces are:

  1. Maintain trusted directories.
  2. Issue ecosystem coins.
  3. Liaise with government departments.
  4. Protect intellectual property rights.
  5. Manage shared resources. is a global ecosystem that cannot be used in a lot of situations due to separation of power, currently 3 trial National Ecosystems are being developed:

  1. - Australia
  2. - China
  3. - United States of America

Those are open for anyone with are physically inside those countries to use. Contact us if you would like help in deploying national or smaller scale ecosystems.

3. Summary

Private Cyberspace is a container for your digital applications. Its focus is USABILITY - enabling people without wealth or technical skills to benefit fully from the latest technologies.


Create your Private Cyberspace with just ONE CLICK, by default there is NO sharing of data when your Private Cyberspace is first created, your Guest Alias is for data collection only, allowing you to build up your information asset privately for your own personal use.

When you are ready, you can create multiple Associate or Member Aliases to interact or collaborate with external parties. A citizen energised information ecosystem is a computing paradigm shift, with so many brains (humans and machines) working together, every application is a game changer.