Private Cyberspace

Data Ownership

Take control of your digital life by transferring your data from Cloud Platforms to your Private Cyberspace with just ONE CLICK. Gain security, acquire insights, earn incomes, make impacts, that are only possible now with your own INFORMATION ASSET.

1. Why Private Cyberspace ?

Why Private Cyberspace ?
Data Ownership

Data is your most important asset – knowing or disclosing just ONE extra piece of data could change your life. Yet currently most of your data is stored remotely on Cloud Platforms, controlled and processed by parties that have DIFFERENT interests and aspirations to you.


You interact through their interfaces and you play by their rules, basically you have lost control – your most important asset is NO longer yours.

Never build your house on someone else's land.

Private Cyberspace gives you an exclusive space to store and add value to your data, transforming you from an information user of cloud platform assets to an information owner with your own assets.

You are not longer a PASSIVE user building up CLOUD platform assets, you are now an ACTIVE owner building up YOUR own assets in your Private Cyberspace.

Similar to the benefits of owning traditional assets:

  • owning your home (instead of staying in a rented room)
  • driving your car (instead of waiting for buses or taxis)

the benefits of upgrading from a cloud platform user to a Cyberspace owner are substantial - Private Cyberspace can improve your digital life in more than 40 amazing ways.

Many domestic violence victims cannot leave the abusive relationships because they have no where to stay, Private Cyberspace gives your data a secure and productive place to stay, so you have the ability and confidence to leave the abusive relationship with the Cloud Platforms, with just ONE CLICK.

2. How does Private Cyberspace work ?

How does Private Cyberspace work ?
Import Compute instead of Export Data

Data is not useful by itself, it needs compute power to process it in order to create value.

Information Asset = Compute + Data

  • Currently DATA is given to those with COMPUTE power (Cloud Platforms)
  • Private Cyberspace gives COMPUTE power to those with DATA (you)

Private Cyberspace reverses the current data processing flow, instead of having to export your data to cloud platforms for processing, you import compute to process your data yourself ... with just ONE CLICK.


Instead of the Cloud both storing and processing your data to create information asset for itself, you now store data in your Private Cyberspace and , processed in ways you have control

3. Back to the Future

Similar to what the microprocessor did to the mainframes 50 years ago, Private Cyberspace enables the massive global decentralisation of computing.


It is ironic that the companies that once drives the decentralisation computing efforts in the 1970s (e.g. Apple, Microsoft) are now dominant in driving the centralisation efforts.

Private Cyberspace reintroduces decentralised personal computing, so people can once again build up and control their own information spaces, just like their physical spaces e.g. their homes!