Selling Locations

This topic is specifically on SELLING your location data.

It is NOT about contributing your data for free to the government for urban planning NOR sharing where you are with your friends.

Please discuss location related payments and their pitfalls e.g.

  1. how much you are getting paid for what type of information
  2. any problems with selling the data big or small


With others selling your location data already, it is tempting to just sell what you have collected quickly, that is NOT wise.

Your collected Information Assets contains too much detail, some of which should NEVER be disclosed to anyone. You need to take the time to cut out certain information or add further information in some cases to increase the value of your data.

Selling your data can be as passive or as active an income as you want to make it, but remember once it is SOLD, you cannot ask people to unseen your data.

Instead of selling your location data, our preferred way is to sell your computing power as well, get them to ask you questions on your data and you run your software and report back to them. Failing that, running software approved by you on your data in a mutually agreed manner (like what Virtual Vaccine is doing with Anonymity Grid) is the next best option.

Note, we have not talked about selling “Group” data, like those collected using the “Set Group” button in your Personal Map. Generally group data are more valuable since you are also giving them relationships in your group. However, by default, Group data is NOT to be disclosed to external parties (let alone for sale) until every Alias that has ever contributed to the group explicitly agrees via the blockchain. Of course Groups do not have to follow that and can establish their own policies as they own their data, but this is a big “can of worms” we will not open in this User Guide.

You will have control of an unprecedented amount of data about yourself and others, browse this discussion forum looking for potential pitfalls, do not rush in.