Semantic Post

Semantic Post provides an easy to use front end to Fuzzy Blockchain.

The Mesh Data Hub enables citizens to distribute their private and public data in different zones. Home zones provides maximum privacy while Campus zones provide maximum visibility.

  1. Backed by Infinite Disk it has an unlimited amount of reliable storage.
  2. Equiped with its own search engine, it can retrieved stored records privately and quickly.
  3. Interact using the popular activitypub protocol means data can be collected and shared in a controlled manner.

It is the central place for you store and has enough privacy, capacity, reliability, flexibility, security, affordability and usability to store everything for you - yes everything - covering your whole lifetime. The only storage service where you have full control, you can even tell it to "forget" things!

Private Cyberspace adds value to most online applications by providing:

  1. Compute Battery - cost efficient computing grid.
  2. Virtual Private Network - application independent access control.
  3. Infinite Disk - high reliability universal storage.