Software Layer

Citizen Synergy enables resources to be EXCHANGED efficiently and equitably in a TRUSTED manner with protected privacy, rewarded contribution and assured quality. Everyone can collaborate and be compensated for solving intractable problems (e.g. covid19, online fraud) that challenge all governments.

The Citizen Synergy Exchange is one of the 3 function modules of

1. Unlocking Latent Resources

Citizen Synergy is a grassroots movement to boost nationwide economy by enabling trusted exchange of latent resources within the community.

One such latent resource is data locked up inside cloud platforms, which can only be manipulated using proprietary algorithms and innovated under restrictive rules. Citizen Synergy puts those data back into the economy in 3 steps:

  1. Empower everyone (from billionaires to refugees) to secure their data inside their private cyberspaces, with just one click on their phones.
  2. Leverage latent compute resources (e.g unused disks, idle computers, excess solar, bored retirees etc.) within the community to store and process data in private cyberspaces.
  3. Redirect income from cloud platforms by enabling private cyberspaces to deliver insights and impacts of value to others, securely and equitably, without exposing the actual data they are based on.


Personal data available from private cyberspaces are substantially more valuable that data locked up inside Cloud Platforms.

  1. Private cyberspaces can deliver superior insights since they have access to the most detailed and complete data of their owners, without any restriction from privacy laws. Most insights will be for the owner’s eyes only, from using AI to privately classify faces of family and friends to finding out the last TEN times the toilet was visited or a dress was worn ... the possibilities for increasing self-awareness, and thus improving personal productivity, are endless.

Citizen Synergy enables private cyberspaces to exchange resources in a safe and trusted manner, in order to deliver large impacts. The contact tracing exchange demonstrates how millions of mobile phones working together can supply enough data and processing power to handle large outbreaks that have overwhelmed all government contact tracing systems worldwide.

Any group (from friends to governments) can set up their own Citizen Synergy exchanges on their computers, with just one command (even on old laptops with broken screens and keyboards). The computers then work together as a team, increasing capacity, security and reliability of their exchanges. Citizen Synergy exchanges have been on limited trial in New South Wales for almost a year, with planned general availability worldwide in early 2023. Anyone can join the trial by creating a private cyberspace and with just one click.

2. Consumer Driven Productivity

Consumer data allow producers to see much wider, deeper, faster than ever before; resulting in more relevant, focused industrial outputs and enabling optimal use of all other inputs like labour, land, energy etc.

Deep real-time visibility into the whole population (previously available only to cloud platforms) can benefit every producer.

Consumers become small producers with their data output, directly contributing to improving the productivity of all industries.

3. Privacy vs Visibility


Citizen Synergy solves the privacy vs visibility conundrum by allowing insights to be extracted by producers from consumers data, but does not disclose the actual data themselves.

Consumers use dynamic aliases to send fuzzy data (instead of raw data) into the exchanges, which then use homomorphic encryption to process their data. Producers do not have direct access to the fuzzy data, they only get the results of their queries back from the exchange.

Every transaction is logged on non-speculative blockchains and checked by the exchange independently, so producers can be assured of the quality of the query results and consumers can be assured that all contributions made can be compensated.

Citizen Synergy is a combination of a number of breakthrough technologies.

  1. Sovereign Transaction is the FIRST in the world to deliver Homomorphic Encryption at scale, enabling Public Applications dealing with massive amount of sensitive data (e.g. daily movements of whole population) to be deployed securely.

  2. Fuzzy Blockchain is the FIRST in the world to deliver Truely Decentralised public blockchains without the concentration of power at the blockchain creators, miners, exchanges and whales.

also enables the Personal Applications to take advantage of the sharing of idle resources (like spare disk capacities) in a secure and efficient manner.

4. Designed to Scale


1. Citizen Synergy

The Citizen Synergy technology was developed to solve the Privacy and Visibility conundrum plaguing all COVID responses worldwide. It safely brings the latent compute power and personal data on millions of citizen mobile phone into the pandemic fight - with just ONE CLICK.

This instant boost in computing power across the whole population can be used to improve many OTHER aspects of citizens' lives, for the first time they can innovate, gain insight, earn income, make impact freely outside the restrictions of centralised Cloud Platforms.

2. Digital Equity

Citizen Synergy delivers universal personal computing to everyone, preventing those WITH massive compute power shaping the lives of those WITHOUT.

Citizen Synergy delivers 2 features not available on Cloud Platforms:

  • Separation the Powers gives you many cyberspace choices and protects your data.
  • Aggregation of Resources gives you access to massive compute power cheaply.

Unlike branches of a government which separate powers at the top, Citizen Synergy separates powers at the bottom - everyone is independent. It breaks up monolithic corporate owned Cloud Platforms into millions of user owned Private Cyberspaces, preventing the control of your digital life by others.

Each Private Cyberspace can seamlessly leverage the idle resources (storage, bandwidth, data, human etc.) in millions of other cyberspaces. Anyone, from billionaires to refugees, with any background can create and grow cyberspaces without limit.


Citizen Synergy separates internal functions of Cloud Platforms into 4 independent functions run by different parties:

  • Private Cyberspace for your information assets can be created with One Click. Be an information OWNER instead of user, stop giving data and control to the Cloud. INNOVATE freely, add new dimensions to your digital life - gain insights, earn incomes and make impacts that are only possible with ownership.

  • Citizen Application revolutionises online SECURITY by resolving the Privacy vs Visibility conundrum. Unparalleled safety enables your cyberspace to interact with more people in more ways, boosting PRODUCTIVITY, solving intractable problems (covid19, online fraud etc) that challenge all governments.

  • Crowd Infrastructure makes your cyberspace COST insignificant by leveraging surplus resources from others and taking over data income from the Cloud. With an unlimited supply of affordable compute power, your cyberspace can operate RELIABLY at any scale no matter your skill and wealth.

  • Citizen Ecosystem provides a distributed trustworthy storage of RECORDS so all citizen contributions, no matter how small, can be compensated equitably. Creating an unprecedented COLLABORATIVE environment to underpin the citizen applications and crowd infrastructures used inside your cyberspace.

Private Cyberspace gives you ownership of your information by enabling you to independently and easily CONTROL how your information is to be collected, processed, stored and shared by the other 3 modules.

3. Personal Console

You can create your own Private Cyberspace by installing the Personal Console software onto your mobile phone with just ONE CLICK. From there you can take advantage of resources provides by YOUR preferred Private Cyberspaces, software resources through Citizen Applications and hardware resources through Crowd Infrastructure.

Personal Console fuses online and physical data together to give you breakthrough situation awareness and automated responsiveness.


It comes preloaded with 3 Citizen Applications to boost your online and physical safety to unprecedented levels:

  1. protect you identity - Dynamic Alias
  2. protect you community - Citizen Timeline
  3. protect your data - Infinite Disk

3. Aggregation of Resources

Although Separation of Powers is good for privacy and sovereignty, the many smaller entities created as a result can have too little resources to be effective.

Citizen Synergy combines the resources within those private cyberspaces for the benefit of communities and individuals under the coordination of Citizen Ecosystems.

Citizen Synergy has been designed specifically to address that problem by aggregating numerous tiny resources together into a seamless whole, creating force multipliers in both the software (Citizen Applications) and hardware (Crowd Infrastructures) domains.

Massive improvements in price/performance is possible since Citizen Synergy turns the existing Cloud Computing one-to-many resource delivery model into a many-many resource delivery model. Enabling cyberspace owners to benefit from each other's resources seamlessly via its fine grained reward system.


Currently, the progress of the whole world's information technology is being held back by the innovations of a few Cloud Platforms.

Citizen Synergy breaks the Cloud innovation bottleneck by enabling anyone with a good idea innovate with the Productivity breakthroughs of Citizen Applications and Reliability breakthrough of Crowd Infrastructures.

Numerous software projects are created everyday (there are more than 100 million public software repositories in Github alone), Citizen Synergy rewards contribution to software
just like other citizen contributions - equitably through Retrospective Reward.

By eliminating the skill and wealth barriers to information ownership, Citizen Synergy delivers unprecedented privacy, security, performance, and reliability to everyone.

User driven Security

Unprecedented Impact

1. More Innovation

Leaving the innovations of the WHOLE WORLD's information technology to the managers of a handful of Cloud companies does not make sense.

Innovation is about NEW ideas; it is difficult to get the best new ideas if it is always from the same OLD group of people (the Cloud).

Imagine you travelled around the world and the landscapes in every country look the same! The same applies to the domination of the Cloud in the information landscape around the world.

Your own Private Cyberspace enabled you to change your information environment and implement your new ideas at anytime, without the need to wait for the Cloud development nor approval.

The Infrastructure Templates enable non-technical people to create new Application Zones for themselves but mixing and matching modules easily.

Having your own private information assets that you have full control and can experiment with endlessly means innovation without limit, creating amazing applications (for personal use or for the whole community) that were not possible before.

With Private Cyberspace you can build, change or just mix and match Module Nodes to create new services without needing technical skills.

More Independence

Gain independence from the Cloud by setting up your own rules instead of following theirs.

Ownership means you have full visibility and control of your data exclusively at any time:

  1. NO need to ask others what data they have on you and hope that they give you the true picture, because with citizen computing you decide what data to give to them in the first place.
  2. NO need to complain that others change their rules of engagement after you have already given them your data, because with citizen computing you set the rules on your data not them.

The problem is not just being forced to view ads when you don't want to view them, another problem is that the ads were NOT there before!

The massive growth of a Cloud service based on no ads has allowed competition to be crushed, so when ad viewing is being forced there is nowhere for the viewers to turn to!

And since you are now forced to view ads, they can now profile your INTERESTS down to how many seconds it takes for you to click the "Skip" button.

With citizen Computing EVERYONE now has access to their OWN computation capabilities and can communicate DIRECTLY with each other using the Internet.

Users NO LONGER need the Cloud to connect with each other, NO LONGER need the Cloud for performance and NO LONGER need the Cloud for free services.

But simple point and click, you control how and which Node to use in your infrastructure, you decide what features, what privacy, what cost, what reliability, what capacity, what speed you want for each application.

Achieve self-determination and prevent undue influence, you no longer need to dance to the tune of the owners of the Cloud.

More Income

Earn extra income with your data and from data you collected.

Numerous parties are making a lot of money from your data, whether it is directly as profit or though their increased market valuation.

It is time for you to transfer the money they make from your data back into your own pocket!

One immediate benefit of owning your information asset is the ability to sell it (just like what the Cloud is doing).

You are simply redirecting money for your movements from location data harvesters back to you.

Location data is just a small part of your information asset, other data can be of high value also, for example:

  1. your contact list (your friends' network, your business contacts etc.)
  2. your shopping preferences (both online and real stores)
  3. how long is the wait (e.g. at the hospital emergency department)
  4. your health (diet, exercise, blood pressure, sleep cycles etc.)

if you managed to collect it someone will probably pay for it.

Citizen Computing allows you to CONTROL what data to give out, for how long, to whom, at what resolution, for what purpose, how much to charge etc. etc.

For example, with Citizen Assisted Contact Tracing the data collected for COVID-19 can be used to create income.

Unprecedented Insight

Your life should be more interesting to you than any Hollywood star.

More Data

With the capacity, reliability and security provided by your Private Cyberspace, your can confidently collect, store and analyse every tiny detail about life and your surroundings.

Collecting every bit of data about yourself and your environment will provide unexpected deep insights into yourself and the world around you - insights that can change your life.

For example through the Personal Console you gain a heighten awareness of your current environment in real-time and by analysing the detailed data it collected about your movements, your purchases, your contacts etc. you can see yourself in a new light.

To increase the value of your location data, you can click on Map Pins and record additional data like shopping receipts, car number plates etc. against any location you have visited.

You can move beyond simply "browsing" your data, you and run Artificial Intelligence programs on your own data to get deeper insights into your life style.

You are the only one to experience your life from your perspective, it is impossible for anyone, not even your mother, to know all your needs and wants, letting Cloud Artificial Intelligence (AI) learn from your data and then influence you is problematic at best.

  1. Unless you are specifically being targeted, Cloud AI is normally trained by the engineers for a lot of people (instead of you, just for you), so WILL get things wrong.
  2. Cloud AI is controlled by someone with DIFFERENT interests to you.
  3. Since the AI is remote, you have ZERO idea what it thinks of you, it might not be favourable or it might be plain wrong.

There is no need for lengthy ethical debates on AI, the only AI you should let near your data is your own AI running in your Personal Zone and may be some AI running in the Fiduciary Zone (where you retain control while sharing your data).

With your Private Cyberspace performing facial recognition on your photos yourself you do not have to expose photos to external parties.

Better Focus

A wealth of Information creates a poverty of Attention.
Herbert A. Simon

Time is generally more valuable than money and attention is always MORE VALUABLE THAN TIME. There is no point spending hours with someone who is not paying attention to you.

One of the major ways Cloud Platforms makes money is by taking away this most valuable aspect of your life - constantly interrupting your thoughts by advertisements and notifications.

It takes more than 20 minutes to 30 minutes to return to the original task after a distraction, yes 20 minutes NOT 20 seconds. As shown in Attention Wars both the profits to them and damages to you can be substantial.

Private Cyberspace allows you to CONTROL exactly when you want to focus on ONE thing and when you want to be inspired by DIFFERENT things.

With Private Cyberspace you access the Internet with the protection of satellite servers giving you a fully tunable online experience so you can conserve your attention for more important things.