Time Services

Gain unprecedented insights into your life privately then share selected information anonymously with others under the protection of Homomorphic Encryption to improve the world in previously unimagined ways!

Citizen Timeline solve the privacy vs visibility conundrum that has plagued large population wide projects.

  • Make COVID the last pandemic by participating in the [Virtual Vaccine program](https://Virtual Vaccine)!
  • Earn extra income while on Virtual Vaccine by sharing some of your data in privacy preserving way with venues you have visited or brands you have purchased from.
  • Find missing persons, prove innocences in courts ... the possibility are endless

Revolutionary way of building up your information assets by logging EVERYTHING about your life in the most private and productive manner.

1. Available for Trial

Virtual Vaccine

2. In Development

3. Planning

Neighbourhood Help Map

A sample service in development to encourage neighbours to help each other in using the safety and reward system provided by the 88.io citizen applications.