Virtual Station

1. Introduction

Disposable Nodes need the Ubuntu operating system to run, if you CANNOT run Ubuntu directly on your device, then Virtual Machine is a good workaround.

You can rent virtual machines from many providers online and you can also run virtual machine on your own computers.

1. Virtual Box

Virtual Box is available on Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS, currently Virtual Box is recommended since it is free, open sourced and actively being developed and deployed.

  1. Virtual Box Screen Shots
  2. Virtual Box Change Log

Try to use the latest version of Virtual Box if possible, although all versions from 6.1.0 (released 2019-12-10) onwards are supported.

2. Instructions

We prefer Ubuntu Server, but Ubuntu Desktop will also work.


  • Ubuntu Server
  1. How to Install Ubuntu Server on VirtualBox ยท James Hibbard
  • Ubuntu Desktop
  1. Install Ubuntu on Oracle VirtualBox
  2. How to run Ubuntu Desktop on a virtual machine using VirtualBox | Ubuntu