Virtual Vaccine Releases


START contact tracing privately in ONE minute with just ONE button

Newbie Mode

Today is only the second day of the trial and we already have a new Personal Map feature available as a result, thanks to an email from a keen active citizen !

Due to the urgency with the current COVID situation worldwide, we have implemented the suggested "Newbie Mode" in less than 24 hours, we will keep refining this mode over the next week.

This new simplified mode will allow people to start contact tracing in LESS THAN A MINUTE without needing to read the Personal Map Usage Guide.


Newbie Mode is a 2-step process:

  1. Download and Configure Mobile App
  2. Import Data Collected by Mobile App

Newbie Mode is available from Personal Map version v21080601 onwards.


Please keep those feedbacks coming in !
That's the whole point of the trial !

Update 2021-08-19
Newbie Mode has been rename Basic Mode to reflect support for all 3 Alias roles and support for one button contact tracing.

Software Update


New bug fixed version of Personal Map with Newbie Mode now available.


Newbie Mode runs under a Private Alias, which does NOT phone home to check for new versions, so you might need to clear you browser cache to get the new version.

Guest and Member Aliases DO check for new versions on the Fiduciary Exchange and will display availability inside Personal Map, just click to Refresh to get the new version.

Three Buttons

Software Update v21081101

  1. Newbie Mode now works across ALL THREE Aliases: Private, Guest, Member
  2. Smiley indicator to show Newbie Mode is active
  3. Each of the 3 buttons now corresponds to 1 of 3 steps in contact tracing.


Each button corresponds to one stage of the trial.

One Button

Software Update v21081901


  1. Newbie Mode renamed to Basic Mode (this is now the default mode).
  2. One Button Contact Trace feature added.
  3. Support Local Government Automatic Detection.
  4. Smiley indicator changed to show Advanced Mode is active.
  5. Downloading of Mobile App is made OPTIONAL.


With just ONE button, even seniors and kids can contact trace with ease!

Five Countries

Software Update v21082501

We are EXPANDING the originally Australia only trial to include 4 more English speaking countries in Stage 2.

Member Aliases can be created with the following phone numbers in those countries:

  1. Australia +61 1800 180 100
  2. Canada +1 647 948 1161
  3. New Zealand +64 9802 2397
  4. United Kingdom +44 808 258 00 33
  5. United States +1 88 88 99 86 33

Mapping Independence

Software Update v21090701

You can now define all Map Servers used in your Personal Map.

  1. Community Map server
  2. OpenStreetMap server
  3. All 8 Base Map servers

TOTALLY run your own Citizen Assisted Contact Tracing service independent of us or anyone else!


  1. When in Advanced Mode
  2. Click on the upper-left menu button in your Personal Map
  4. Click on 4. Map Servers

Private Cyberspace

Virtual Vaccine is now part of Private Cyberspace - create your own with just ONE CLICK.

It is under the Citizen Insight category, inside the Citizen Timeline fiduciary exchange.

Menu structure:
CITIZEN INSIGHT - Citizen Timeline - Virtual Vaccine